Asia Summer University 2020 in Shih Chien University

Wed, 01 Apr 2020
5:45 pm
Short Program for ITS Students
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Dear ITS Students,

Shih Chien University (SCU) of Taipei, Taiwan will hold Asia Summer University programme 2020. There are two attractive programs for students from Business, Design, and Hospitality Management. There will be an Intensive Course where you can feel a great variety of courses with top lecturer around the globe and Cultural Exploration and Mandarin Course where you are going to have an exciting summer camp to learn Mandarin and experience the true Asia.

You may choose one from two different sessions, Session 1: July 5th to 18th 2020 and Session 2: August 16th to 29th 2020. Please refer below on the highlights for these programs:

Asia Summer University – Intensive Course:

Session 1: July 5th to 18th, 2020

Global Entrepreneurship / Juniata College, USA: The purpose of this course is to develop a broad understanding of international economic relations, including the benefits of international exchanges and the tensions that arise from trade between nations.

Expedition of K-pop / Woosong University, Korea: All the lectures and class materials are aimed to help non-music majoring students understand the basic elements of K-Pop music and notable figures and experience a bit of K-Pop production and promotion.

Leadership Management and Practice / Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China: The multiple leadership theories, models, and techniques also would offer during the class for students which provides a great picture learning to build up the foundation of leadership development both in academic and practice files.

Museum Management: The Window to the Past / Chulalongkorn University, Thailand: This course focuses on museum and heritage management from a comparative perspective. It aims at enlightening the students about museums’ contemporary stakes and regional particularities. Thus, convergences and divergences between continents and countries will be identified along with cultural discrepancies in the light of museum studies.

Session 2: August 16th to 29th, 2020

Korean Culture and Language / Woosong University, Korea: The program provides students with opportunities to learn contemporary Korean language and discover traditional and modern aspects of Korean culture through various cultural activities. For the language class, students learn Korean language skills necessary for everyday life such as greetings others, introducing themselves, ordering food, purchasing goods, making phone calls, taking public transportation, and going to the bank.

Data Transformation / Design School Kolding, Denmark: The object is to create a meaningful and understandable form of representation using a given or found dataset. It is our goal to find the best possible way to reach your target group and to link to the company’s values. In order to do this, we will train visual observation techniques and build on best practice from around the world that allows course participants to see how exciting it can be to make creative data visualization.

Creative Cocktails / Bangkok University, Thailand: This course introduces Definition of Mixology, Knowledge of Glassware, Bar Equipment & Categories of International & Thai Style Cocktail & Mocktail, according to mixing and serving techniques, and measures as applied to Mixology through both theoretical and practical lessons. Students will be able to create and prepare a variety of mixed drinks.

Fashion Management / LIM College, USA: In order to understand what is branding and how it contributes to a brand’s development and develop a graphic chart in link with a concept. Finally, apprehend the fundamentals of visual marketing.


Asia Summer University – Cultural Exploration and Mandarin Course

Session 1: July 5th to 18th, 2020

Session 2: August 16th to 29th, 2020

The 2-Week Mandarin Course provides students with opportunities to learn contemporary Mandarin and discover traditional and modern aspects of Taiwan culture through various cultural activities. Classes are comprised of both integrative classes which aim to improve the student’s overall speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.


The cost of participation is USD850. Accommodation, group airport transfer, welcome and farewell reception and experiential learning opportunities such as field trips are included in the cost of participation.

The selected participants also need to cover roundtrip flight ticket, meal and other expenses.

More details on Asia Summer University in Shih Chien are attached for your information. The online version is also made available at here

The application deadline is set on June 15th, 2020. As spaces are limited, early registration would be highly encouraged. Students can apply via this link Click here to apply

Should more details be required, please contact us at

Video for 2019: Video Asia Summer University 2019

Photo for 2019:Photo Asia Summer University 2019

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