University of Szczecin PROM Programme – International Scholarship Exchange of PhD Candidates and Academic Staff 2020

Wed, 18 Dec 2019
4:34 pm
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Dear ITS Faculty Members and PhD Students,


University of Szczecin, Poland, invites ITS faculty members and PhD students to join their program namely “PROM programme – International Scholarship Exchange of PhD Candidates and Academic Staff”. The aim of the project is to create a mechanism of financial support for scholarship exchange of PhD candidates and academic staff programmes.


Participant Eligibility

PhD students registered at the partner university and academic staff under 40 y.o.* employed at the partner university, call for application is open to anyone who meets either of two conditions.

*participant must be under 40 y.o. while carrying out the activity



Applicants file online form with a confirmation of nomination signed by home institution (participant-confirmation-1 (1))

Choose “PROM” as a name of your university while applying.


Application period: 4 Dec 2019 – 6 Jan 2020  and (if funds are still available) 10 Feb 2020 – 10 March 2020 and 1 – 31 May 2020


Forms of activity for PhD candiates:

  • active participation in conference organized by University of Szczecin;
  • obtaining materials for a PhD thesis, a library query.


Forms of activity for academic staff members:

  • obtaining materials for a scientific article

All activities should be concluded by 29 Sept 2019


Scholarship budget

flat rates calculated on the basis of length of stay and travel distance, conference fee if applicable, please note that all the rates are given in Polish Złoty (PLN), 1 EUR = ca. 4,30 PLN

5 days – 4 000,00 PLN

6 days – 4 420,00 PLN

7 days – 4 840,00 PLN

8 days – 5 260,00 PLN

9 days – 5 680,00 PLN

10 days – 6 100,00 PLN

11 days – 6 520,00 PLN

12 days – 6 940,00 PLN

13 days – 7 360,00 PLN

14 days – 7 780,00 PLN

15 days – 8 200,00 PLN

16 days – 8 450,00 PLN


Travel grant: one-way travel distance between place of your residence and University of Szczecin calculated with calculator provided by European Commision

up to 500 km – 1 000,00 PLN

500 – 999 km – 2 000,00 PLN

1 000 – 2 999 km – 3 000,00 PLN

3 000 – 6 000 km – 4 000,00 PLN

over 6 000 km – 5 000,00 PLN


Conference (5-day scholarship): there’s a list of conferences organized by the University of Szczecin provided below, it is not obligatory to register to the conference before receiving scholarship confirmation, we will inform the organizers that you are willing to participate in the conference and you will register after receiving scholarship confirmation

Data collection – obtaining materials (16-day scholarship): there’s a list of laboratories provided below that is ready to host applicants, please read description of the labs and decide which one you would like to visit, use of equipment is free of charge however the costs reagents you may need are to be covered either with the scholarship or other funds. Describe in your application form research you would like to conduct and you will receive estimate of the costs before deciding on participation in the programme.

Library query (16-day scholarship): The Main Library of the University of Szczecin resources cover major topics, such as education, psychology, history, sociology, political science, philosophy, theology, culture studies, philology, biology, maritime studies, oceanology, physical education, sport, law, mathematics, physics, economy, transportation, computer science, environmental protection and many related sub-disciplines.

Important Notes: 

  1. Please submit your valid passport scan, CV and Draft of Nomination Letter (softcopy and in PDF Format) to Ms Yani at with format subject Apply_PROMProgramme2020_Name_Department maximum on 2 January 2020 (16.00 WIB).
  2. Please be advised that submission after the set deadline will not be accepted.

IO will provide the signed and stamped Confirmation of Nomination Letter  maximum on 3 January 2020.

Then, each applicant must apply by online through the above link on/before January 6, 2020.

  1. If you have any questions related to this program, please contact Ms Yani at with subject (ASK)_ PROMProgramme2020


Thank you


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