Connect-Us-Conference (CuC) 2019

Fri, 10 May 2019
7:14 pm

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Connect-Us-Conference 2019 (CuC 2019)
Digital Transformation : Opportunity & Challenges
9 – 11 October 2019
Menara Razak, UTM Kuala Lumpur


The conference is jointly organized by the Swiss–ASEAN Learning and Teaching (SALT) and hosted by Universiti Teknology Malaysia (UTM).

CuC 2019 aims to gather academics, researchers, scientists, community development practitioners, policymakers, youth groups, and all stakeholders to deliberate on issues and challenges affecting the sustainable development of society. Furthermore, it seeks to document approaches, practices, policies and strategies utilised in various levels and contexts to address and attain the development goals.

The conference theme is Digital Transformation: Opportunities & Challenges which include several sub-themes as follows:
1. Education | Digital learning methods, student-centered curriculum and programme syllabus, Learning through community engagements, Learning through STEM Mentor-Mentee Programme, Holistic and interdisciplinary graduates.

2. Business and Trade | New business, management and trade model in the digital and internet era, The impact of digital technologies and devices on changing management functions, Customers’ analysis, and evaluation on products/services in the era of digitalisation and the benefits of digital technologies and devices to customer, Applications and impacts of technologies and internet on international business and trade.

3. Innovative and Technology | Internal and external barriers for innovation and technology, Collaboration between industry, academic and government to foster innovation and bring basic research to full-scale commercialisation, New models and experiences of transferring basic research to market, Fostering technology transfer, Applications and impacts of new technologies on specific industries and/or regions

4. Society and Ethics | Employment and human resources, Poverty, inequality and social cohesion, Digital divide within a society and world-wide, Security and ethics, Environmental impact

5. Others | Other topics which are related to digital transformation but may fall into several or none of the tracks above are also welcome.

We invite presenters and participants including researchers, educators, students and practitioners to discuss their research activities, case studies, best practices and related contributions on the main theme of CuC 2019.

Important Dates:

Deadline of Short Abstract Submission  May 15, 2019
Announcement of Short Abstract Acceptance  May 31, 2019
Deadline of Extended Abstract/Full Paper Submission  Jun 30, 2019
Announcement of Extended Abstract/Full Paper Acceptance  August 15, 2019 
Deadline of Registration  August 31, 2019

Connect Us Conference 2019 will also features with two panel discussion on Digital Free Trade Zones – A New Opportunity for Promoting Trade? (Panel 1 – 9 October 2019) and Technology and Innovation – Accelerating Development Sophistication of Business model (Value Creation) (Panel 2 – 10 October 2019).

Download the brochure here: Brochure CuC 2019

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