Day 3 – CommTECH Camp Insight 2019

Fri, 25 Jan 2019
11:40 pm

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The third day of CommTECH Insight 2019 is just a lot of fun!

Started with having breakfast, the five sub courses then went on their own ways as they had five different activities. Sub-course A had a class session in the Department of Management Business ITS, sub-course B went to Mechanical Engineering Department for building Car Chasis, sub-course C had a short brief in Department of Computer Engineering ITS to learn about Virtual and Augmented Reality, sub-course D went to Department of Marine Engineering to make hull of ships, and sub-course E have fun with videography in the Visual Communication Design Department. 

At the night, the participants were having a special dinner in the Surabaya City Hall. There were opening dances, speeches from mayor's representative and ITS' representative, speeches from CommTECH Participants' Representatives, live music, photo session, and of course, delicious dinner!

The participants are also getting closer to each other. Just can't wait for the next day, keep up your spirit guys!

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