Day 2 – CommTECH Camp Insight 2019

Fri, 25 Jan 2019
10:25 pm

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The second day of CommTECH Camp Insight 2019 has wrapped up with so much joy!

The day started at the Main Seminar Room, where all the participants get to know more about the beauty of Indonesia and the correlation with the subcourses. The session was started by Dr. Maria Anityasari, the Director of ITS International Office who asked some riddle about Indonesia's geography and demography. The participants really interested in answering the riddle, they competed each other raising hands and shouting answers. The session continued with the explanation of SubCourse D : "Ship Navigation Safety and Risk Assessment of Ship Collision" , SubCourse C : "Introduction to Game Animation and Intenert of Things" , and SubCourse B : "Designing and Building Energy-Efficient Car".

Then, Dr. Maria Anityasari took over the session to continue the explanation about the culture, heritage, and the nature in Indonesia. There was also a riddle about guessing the picture and name of some animals. Here, the participants were even more curious and tried to answer all the questions, some of them already knew quite much about it. And the session continued with the explanation of Subcourse E : "Exploring Indonesian Art adn Culture" and SubCourse A : "Sociopreneurship in Action".

During the explanations form each SubCourses, the participants were asked to fill their Think and Talk (TnT) form and put all their questions and ideas about the topic. Later in the end of the sessions, the participants were given the chance to put all of it to the big paper for each subcourses, and it will be discussed whether directly at that time or soon in the courses. All the participants were feeding up their curiosity, and the lecturers wiith the project assistants were kindly answering them all.

The second agenda today was the "Fun Indonesian Language", the session where all the participants were invited to learn further about some basic Indonesia Language in fun and interactive way, followed by some mini games about the lesson they have had earlier in the session. The participants followed all of the session happily and full of spirit, they are really wanted to know more about this Bahasa Indonesia, which actually not that difficult to be learned.

After developing theirselves in Bahasa Indonesia, the participants were dancing together the "Poco-Poco" dance, led by Mr. Wahyu and accompanied by some ITS IO Volunteeers, as the warming up before starting the last session of the day. Yes, playing the traditional games!

The participants are divided into 8 groups, each of them consists of 8 participants. They do some of Indonesian Traditional Games such as Paku Botol, Sedotan Karet, Estafet Sarung, Balap Karung, and Tarik Tambang. There's only excitement, even though the competitiveness between groups was also strong. We laugh, we shout, we support each other in the game.

This is just the beginning guys, so keep up your spirit for the next two weeks!

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