StuNed Program Short Course Scholarship

Wed, 09 Jan 2019
3:41 pm
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StuNed, or study in the Netherlands, is a scholarship program that aims to help Indonesia’s development through improving the quality of Indonesia’s human resources. Scholarship recipients can attend a master course or short course program held in English (international study program) by higher education institutions in the Netherlands.


  • Indonesian citizens, proven by photocopy of KTP.
  • Received on one of the short course programs held in the Netherlands by Dutch higher education institutions, proven by : letter of acceptance.
  • Minimum education S1 / D4 and can show evidence of academic achievement (GPA min. 2.75), proven by : transcripts and diplomas that are legalized.
  • Work experience after graduating S1, at least 2 years in the last institution, proven by : photocopy of employee appointment (SK) or employment contract.
  • Approval from the institution, proven by : an official statement from the institution leader on a stamp stating that his staff was permitted to study in the Netherlands. This statement is written on the StuNed form.
  • Statements are willing to follow and complete all lectures while receiving the scholarship written on StuNed’s form.
  • Good English skills, proven by the results of the TOEFL Internet Based Test (IBT) with a minimum score of 68, or at least IELTS 5.5.
  • Applicants who complete their studies in an English-speaking country or graduate from an international program are exempt from a TOEFL or IELTS score, while graduating a maximum of 2 years before the deadline for registration for a StuNed scholarship.
  • In accordance with the priority areas of the Dutch-Indonesian Cooperation.
  • Write clear motivations and goals to take the short course, and explain the benefits / direct impact of this program for institutions that work as well as the wider community, poured in a motivation statement
  • Duration of the short course program: 2 weeks – 12 weeks

Field of Study:

StuNed is open to all international study programs held in the Netherlands by Dutch higher education institutions, except for joint-program between university.
The deadline for the submission of application materials for the program is January 27, 2019.

For futher information, you may visit this link.



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