Toyama International Student Prefectural Scholarship Guidelines for Application(Hokuriku Electrical Construction Co. Ltd.)

Thu, 06 Dec 2018
7:50 pm

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In partnership with Hokuriku Electrical Construction Co. Ltd., Toyama Prefecture is currently looking for a Indonesian International student who would be interested in completing graduate studies (Master’s degree) in Toyama Prefecture and being employed at Hokuriku Electrical Construction Co. Ltd.

1 – Requirements and Conditions

(1) Nationality
The applicant must hold Indonesian nationality, and must reside in Indonesia at the time of application.

(2) Age
The applicant must be born after April 2nd 1993.

(3) Education
The applicant must meet the one of the following requirements:
a) Having graduated from a Japanese university, or;
b) Having completed, outside of Japan, 16 years of formal education. (This includes people planning on graduating in June 2019)
c) Had completed, outside of Japan, 3 or more years of study/research, and have received a degree equivalent to bachelor's (however some universities in Toyama may have an eligibility examination for acceptance).

(4) Specialization
Specialization fields: Engineering
The applicant’s selected field must be related to the specialization done in undergraduate studies, and must be a field that can be further studied in a Graduate School within the Prefecture. (For accepted graduate schools and programs, see page 6 of present document.)

(5) Health
The applicant must be mentally and physically healthy.

(6) Japanese Language Proficiency
Not required. However, the applicant must become able to speak Japanese at a daily conversation level (on par with JLPT N2)

(7) Arrival in Japan
In principle, the applicant should be available to come to Japan by the day determined by the Governor between September and October of 2019.

(8) Prospective Employment
The applicant must be willing to pledge that, upon completion of their studies at graduate school, they will apply to the hiring process of Hokuriku Electrical Construction Co. Ltd. The place of employment will either be within Toyama Prefecture, or within Japan. In both cases, there is a chance that the location of work may be at the subsidiary in Indonesia.

(9) Internship
During his or her studies, the applicant will participate in an internship at Hokuden Electrical Construction Co. Ltd.

(10) Others
The applicant may not receive any other scholarship or grants.

2 – Number of scholarships

There is one (1) scholarship available for one (1) participant.

3 – Details of the scholarship

Within the limits of the budget, the scholarship provides for the following expenses, from the day of arrival in Japan until the day of conclusion of studies.

(1) Living expenses: 170,000 yen per month (rent expenses included). However, if the student leaves Japan for over 30 consecutive days or if the student fails to attend classes for a long period or otherwise takes a leave of absence from school, payment may be stopped during this interval.

(2) Travel expenses
a) Coming to Japan
The airplane ticket fare from the international airport closest to the student’s residence in Indonesia to Japan, economic class, as well as the travel expenses from the airport in Japan to Toyama are included.
b) Returning home
Cost of returning home is generally not included.

(3) Tuition fees : Entrance examination fees, Admission fees, Course fees and Insurances (National Health Care, Accident Insurance)

(4) Payment period
The scholarship includes payment for the period of six (6) months as a trainee student and the two years of study as a graduate student for a maximum of two (2) years and six (6) months. No extension will be accepted.

4 – Application Process

The applicant must submit a complete set of the following documents, before the deadline and to the address specified by Toyama Prefecture. No submitted documents will be returned. Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.
The required documents are:
a) International Student Application Form, with a picture attached. (Form #1)
b) Specialization, Research Plan and Placement Application Form (Form #2)
c) Written Pledge (Form #3)
d) Medical Certificate (Form #4)
e) Final Grades of Graduated University
f) Final Diploma of Graduated University or Certificate of Degree Completion
g) Letter of Recommendation from Graduated University’s Dean or Responsible Professor
h) Graduation Thesis (Only applicants that have written such a thesis)
i) Copy of Passport

5 – Application submission

Submit your application by mail to the following address:
Ruko Fluorite No.77, Gading Serpong, Tangerang, Banten 15810

6 – Application deadline

The deadline to apply to this scholarship is January, 31st, 2019 (Thu).

Details concerning the aplication process, the schedule after application, and the case in which the scholarship may be canceled are outlined in the Guidline for Aplication.

For complete information about the programs offered, brochure, and registration form, you can access them here.

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