[Day 8] CommTECH Camp Highlight 2018

Sun, 22 Jul 2018
3:58 pm

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In the 8th day, all sub-courses were in different locations. Sub-course A went to Gili Genting and had fun there because in the evening they had a campfire.

Meanwhile, sub-couse B went to Wonorejo Mangrove. In Wonorejo, they did many activities which the first one was surveying and collecting the samples (Flora, Fauna, Microbes, and Ecology), then continued by making mangrove seeds and planting them.


In Sub-Course C, they were busy completing their project from finishing hull until making the structure. After that, they still have to continue by making the superstructure and painting it. 
All of them ending their day by resting in the hotel, except for Sub-Course A team that went to Gili Genting, they were resting in the new hotel near Gili Genting because they still had to do the project in Gili Genting.

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