[Day 5] CommTECH Camp Highlight 2018

Thu, 19 Jul 2018
5:07 pm

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CommTECH Highlight Day 5 was another joyful day for the participants!

Started with having breakfast, the three sub courses then went on their own ways as they had three different activities. Sub-course A had a class session in the Department of Geomatics Engineering ITS, sub-course B went to Kenjeran Beach, and sub-course C had a short brief in Department of Naval Architecture ITS to make hull of ships. 

Later, the participants of sub-course A continue their visit to PT. Pelindo. The participants went to the Head Office of PT. Pelindo to get a short introduction about the company. The tour visit didn’t end there, for they went to Surabaya North Quay as they last visit that day. The participants took a quick tour of Surabaya North Quay and didn’t forget to took pictures with the afternoon scenery of the sea.

While the participants of the sub-course B was divided into two groups to get to the boats. Even though it was hot, the participants enjoyed the sea. It wasn’t even more exciting when they catched a lot of fishes using nets! After being on the water quite a while, they had a class session about synthetic Mangrove seeds.

Sub course C in the other hand continued in making a hull of ships in groups in the Department of Naval Architecture. They started off with cutting the designed parts on the paper and the balsam wood to polishing the ships. The participants of sub course C are very anthusiast and serious in making the ship, but didn’t forget to joke and have fun along in the process.

Three different activities yet same amount of joyfulness. The participants went back to the hotel when the sun already set to get some rest and prepare for the next joyful days.

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