[Day 4] CommTECH Camp Highlight 2018

Thu, 19 Jul 2018
5:07 pm

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The 4th day of CommTECH highlight had been held in July 12th, 2018. Each sub-course started their day with attending different sites. Sub-course A attended a Geomatics conference in Swiss-Belinn meeting room, sub-couse B visited DLH Surabaya, while sub-course C visited LMI BPPT Surabaya.



Following those visits, the three sub-courses returned to ITS campus to continue their courses. The participants of sub-course A continued with Position At Sea and Seamanship, sub-course B continued with not just one but two courses: Vegetation Analysis of Mangrove Ecosystem and Birdwatching On Track, and sub-course C had a course about various ship building essentials.


Their last activity for the day was playing traditional Indonesian games in teams. But before that, they had danced poco-poco, a local popular line dance, as a warm up. The games played are Putting a Nail Into a Bottle, Passing Marbles, Stepping On Cardboards, and lastly, it's not complete with Tug of War for a proper closing. The participants were very enjoying the games, and later on, the winning team of each game was given a reward. After all that fun, the participants of commtech highlight 2018 returned to their hotel to have dinner and rest.


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