[Day 3] CommTECH Highlight 2018

Sat, 14 Jul 2018
12:53 am

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The third day of CommTECH Highlight 2018 is just a lot of fun!

The day started in the morning with cultural activities agenda at the third floor of SCC building. The participants were able to see the harmonious and synchronized dance performance of Saman dance, performed by Statistics Department's students and also the fierceful martial arts of Indonesia, Pencak Silat, which was performed by Perisai Diri ITS. Not only seeing the arts, but the participants were also given the chance to learn the arts themselves directly from the performers.bbbIMG_0135After spending so much enthusiasm on the cultural activites agenda and having lunch, the participants were separated based on their courses and headed to their classes. Sub-Course A participants were introduced to ocean mapping DGP at their class in Geomatics Engineering Department while the participants in Sub-Course B were exposed to biology and exploring the microbial diversity in tropical mangrove rhizosphere at the Biology department, and lastly Sub-Course C participants learned about the basic of ship, ship design and ship construction at Naval Architecture Department. aaasIMG_0932

The class was not just consisted of explanation from the lecturers, but also consisted of active learning from the participants where they can ask questions freely to the lecturers and also discuss things with other participants. There were also fun games in between the classes to keep the spirit of the participants.WhatsApp Image 2018-07-12 at 06.20.38The participants were getting better understanding with each of their courses as time passed. Keep your spirit for the next day, guys!

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