[Day 2] CommTECH Highlight 2018

Fri, 13 Jul 2018
4:43 pm

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The second day of CommTECH Highlight 2018 is just a kick-start!

The participants were spending the day at Theater A. They started with a Brief Introduction about East Java, filled with quiz and interactive session. Mrs. Maria Anityasari as the Director of ITS International Office also told the participants about the linkage between the sub-courses and East Java. And then the session continued with the overview from each sub-courses which were brought by the each sub-courses team.



At the end of the first session, the participants were asked to fill the TnT (Think and Talk) form and write their questions and ideas. There were many questions and great ideas. Some questions were directly answered by the team, and the rest will be answered soon in the courses. The participants have really high curiousity about the programs and the sub-courses.



After having lunch, the participants were going into next session called "Indonesian Language Course" where they were learning some basic words and phrases in Indonesian Language such as letters, numbers, colors, greetings, directions, etc. The participants were very enthusiast and it seems like they can enjoy the learning process.


The session wasn't only be held inside the theater. After learning theoritically, the participants were divided into nine groups and they can practice what they have learned in some fun games outside. There were guessing colors and jumbled letters, directing a blind-folded group member towards finish lines, whispering an Indonesian sentences ear to ear, and many more. It was filled with joy and laughter.



At the night, the participants were having a special dinner in the Surabaya City Hall. There were opening dances, speeches from mayor's representative and ITS' representative, speeches from CommTECH Participants' Representatives, live music, photo session, and of course, delicious dinner!



The participants are also getting closer to each other. Just can't wait for the next day, keep up your spirit guys!

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