Forthcoming UNU-IIGH Short Courses July to October

Sat, 30 Jun 2018
6:55 am

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Dear ITS students,

UNU-IIGH is the UN’s think tank on global health with a mandate to provide critical policy analysis and build capacity for decision-making by UN agencies, programmes, and member states. UNU-IIGH’s research and capacity building in global health relates specifically to informing the policy debates and directions that ensure that in keeping with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) “no one is left behind”.

UNU-IIGH’s objectives are:

  • to undertake and strengthen policy relevant research in global health, with a focus on approaches to health in the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development;
  • to promote accountability by the UN system and member states for the health of populations at risk;
  • to build and enhance capacity for solutions to key global health issues, especially in developing countries; and
  • to promote networking among global health institutions between countries.

Science Reporting Workshop | July 25-26, 2018
Venue: UNU-IIGH, Kuala Lumpur
Fee cost: MYR 350 or USD 100
Facilitators: Howard Hudson & Diego Salama (UNU-MERIT)
Think tanks like UNU are complex ecosystems, made up of multiple actors with interdependent roles and responsibilities. Both researchers and communications officers are assessed on the quality and quantity of their output. But what exactly does this mean: visibility, impact, or something else? This training day begins with the background: the search and weighing of evidence, the building of trust and consensus, and the ‘reaching and turning’ of audiences. It aims to give researchers and communications staff, as well as science journalists, the opportunity to work together – to compare notes and see the ‘process’ from each other’s perspective. Visit for details.
Health & Human Rights Course | August 13-15, 2018
Venue: UNU-IIGH, Kuala Lumpur
Fee Cost: MYR 500 or USD 140
Facilitators: Dr Obijiofor Aginam (UNU-IIGH)
Professor Pascale Allotey (UNU-IIGH)
Professor Sofia Gruskin (University of Southern California)
Human rights concepts play a key role in health research, monitoring, evaluation, and capacity building. This course focuses on the effectiveness, limits and possibilities of human rights interventions in advancing the highest attainable standard of health locally, nationally, regionally and globally. The course explores innovative case-studies on reproductive health/rights, migrant and refugee health, the rights of children and adolescents, human rights impact assessment of health programs, and right to development and the SDGs. Visit for details.

Global Health Governance Course | October, 2018
Venue: UNU-IIGH, Kuala Lumpur
Fee Cost: TBC
Facilitator: Dr Obijiofor Aginam (UNU-IIGH)

This course offers an improved understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the traditional and emerging actors in global health. The field of global health is now populated by “multiple actors” and influenced by “diverse interests”. These multiple actors and diverse interests have complicated the task of the global health epistemic and policy communities in articulating effective governance approaches to global health issues. Emerging global health challenges require policy responses involving nation-states, inter-governmental organizations (WHO, FAO, World Bank, UNAIDS, etc), businesses and corporations (pharmaceutical and food companies), and NGOs and civil society (Médecins Sans Frontières – Doctors without Borders, and others), charitable foundations (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and others), and even individuals (celebrity diplomacy). In the 21st century, ‘health diplomacy’ is increasingly driven by trends outside the health sector: trade and investment in goods and services, migration, and globalization of the world economy. Health diplomacy is no longer limited to the official relations and interactions between two or more countries. It now involves many other actors beyond nation-states. Visit for details.







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