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Sun, 06 May 2018
12:14 pm

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ITS offers a world-class research environment where students can learn and solve important issues facing our world today and into the future. ITS has a reputation for working successfully with business, industry and the community to solve problems that require practical and innovative outcomes. Comprehensive facilities will support the research and internship activities. In this program students can stay between one to six months without paying tuition fees.

ITS also open for students who want to lab internship in ITS (1 – 6 months) without paying tuition fees. However, the students should cover tall of their living expenses. Here the list and contact of the laboratory who accept students for lab internship. For the students who interest to do lab internship, should contact the lab first, after get approval form the lab, the students can contact International Office for admission process.


2. Admission Process

For the document requirements of internship application:

  1. Internship Proposal (contains about research plan)
  2. motivation letter maximum of 300 words detailing the applicant’s interest to have internship (research) at ITS
  3. Recommendation Letter from Home University
  4. Transcript and certificate  of Senior High School (for Bachelor applicant) or certificate of Bachelor (for Master applicant) where the applicant has taken previous courses
  5. University academic transcript of previous semester
  6. English Proficiency Certification with minimum score: TOEFL IBT 64, IELTS 5.5, TOEFL PBT 500 min (could be replaced by statement letter by University which stating that English is used as the medium of instruction)
  7. Filled Application Form*
  8. Filled Health Information Form*
  9. Photo, with the requirements:
  • formal clothing
  • red background
  • no hat & glasses
  • face and body are looking straight

Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education Study Permit documents requirements:

  1. Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  2. Applicant’s passport (Passport’s expiry date must be more than 12 months after internship program start)
  3. Health certificate (released by doctor or hospital)
  4. Statement Letter of Program*
  5. Statement Letter of Funding*

Internship application could be sent to Ms. Bilqis at


 (*) You can access  all the forms through the links below:




Statement Letter of Program & Statement Letter of Funding



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