Adventurous Trip 2018 at GiliLabak and Gili Genting Island Madura

Wed, 11 Apr 2018
10:47 pm

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To promote tourism on East Java, this year ITS International Office – mainly the volunteers of Hospitality for International Students division – once again conducted one of the most anticipated events for the international student: Adventurous Trip. This trip was held on 3 March 2018 and joined by 24 international students of ITS from 2018 even semester intake, Darmasiswa scholarship grantees and students of Kemitraan Negara Berkembang (KNB) program batch 2017. Collaborating with a local tour and travel agency, the destination was the small islands near Madura which are GiliLabak and Gili Genting Island.


The international students – accompanied by several volunteers of ITS International Office – arrived at the city of Sumenep early morning at 4 am. After a quick rest, the participants began their thirty-minute boat ride to Nine Beach at Gili Genting Island. During the ride, they were welcomed by the beautiful sunrise on the east. Upon their arrival to Gili Genting Island, they were all very enthusiastic to see the blue sea water and the white sand on the beach. The tour group stopped there for two hours to enjoy seafood for breakfast while enjoying the view around the beach and taking pictures in artistic spots around the beach. Some of them were playing and running around the beach while some decided to just lie on the beach enjoying the sea breeze.


They journey continued to GiliLabak Island, two-hour boat ride from Gili Genting Island. Most of the participants were sleeping during the ride because of the relaxing sea breeze. Everyone arrived at Gililabak Island at around 10 am. A very small island indeed,people couldwalk around the island in only 15 minutes, but the scenerywasabsolutely mesmerizing.A perfect day indeed to swim on the crystal clear sea water or sit by the gazebo on the beach.


The highlight for the trip was snorkeling at a spot near the island. By taking a boat ride to 100 meters from the coastline, participants could experience Indonesia’s beautiful marine biodiversity. Many fish and corals of unique kinds grow around the area, making this trip definitely unforgettable for all. In addition to the challenging snorkeling experience, they could also tastedelicious freshly-grilled fish accompanied with coconut water. A very good day indeed for 24 international students of ITS.


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