International Students in Action: Meeting ITS International Students

Thu, 15 Mar 2018
8:49 am

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As one of the efforts to improve the internationalization atmosphere in ITS, ITS International Office held an event called International Students in Action (ISA) that accommodates the interaction of international students with local students of ITS. ISA aims to enhance English communication skills for ITS local students and Bahasa Indonesia skills of international students. There was something different from ISA 2018 for it was collaborated with Camp Nasional Internasionalisasi Mahasiswa (CampNas) 2018 with 22 participants from several universities in Indonesia. ISA is created as a platform for ITS international students to interact with ITS local students, student association representatives and CampNas 2018
International Student in Action (ISA) was held in Dr. Angka Hall on Friday, 9 March 2018. ISA began with speed dating which allowed the participants to interact in a short conversation. The participants formed 2 lines and facing each other. They were given 1 minute to introduce themselves and talk to the person in front of him/her. After 1 minute, the participants should move and do the same thing until 5 times.
After that, the participants separated into 6 groups which consisted of international
students from East Timor and Togo, Africa, ITS local students and CampNas participants and played two games. The first game was “Guess the Picture”. Each team was given a marker with 10 strings and also a picture of famous place in Surabaya such as Heroes Monument, City Hall
and Submarine Monument. The participants should write the place name with the marker without touching it. They could only move the strings. The winner was the group that guessed
and wrote the correct answer quickly.
The second games was “Face the Cookie”. In this game, each participant was given a cookie and placed on their forehead, after that, they had to eat the cookie without touching it. If he/she ate the cookie, the score is 1. If the cookie fell to the floor or he/she touch the cookie, the score is 0. The group that collected most score was the winner.
After playing games, the committees announced the winner and gave them the prizes and took a group picture. The participants was very enthusiasm while playing the game and also
interacted with each other.

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