Day 7 – CommTECH Camp Insight 2018

Wed, 31 Jan 2018
7:15 am

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It's 30 January 2018, the seventh day of CommTECH Camp Insight 2018! The participants were beginning their day by taking in-class activities on each different subcourses. Continuing the previous session and brief introductory to each subcourses, each sub-courses participant were deepening their insight that day.


Starting from Subcourse A (Sociopreneurship in Action), they were having a course about "Value Proposition Design" which conducted in ITS Business Management Department by Dr. Imam Baihaqi. Dr. Maria was presenting the topic of "Sustainable Waste Management and Sustainable Water Management" for Subcourse B participants (Sustainable Development in Developing Countries) in ITS Industrial Engineering Department.


Dr. Eko Budi Santoso and Mrs. Dian Rahmawati were conducting a course about "Coastal Planning in Indonesia" for Subcourse C (Managing Sustainable Coastal Development) in ITS Urban Planning Department. While on Subcourse D (Exploring Indonesian Art & Culture), Mr. Waluyohadi and Fajar were presenting the "Introductory to Leather Material" in ITS Industrial Product Design Department, which then continued by trying to make some crafts using leather.

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While the other subcourses continuing their in-class activities in ITS Campus, sub-course A participants were continuing their learning session at Tiara Handicraft. After finishing the last session of their course that day, they continued to attend the traditional music and dance session, which held in SCC ITS to finish their day.

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