Day 4 – CommTECH Camp Insight 2018

Sun, 28 Jan 2018
12:46 am

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Day 4 of CommTECH Camp Insight: City Tour – Historical Track is here! 

Today the participants started their historical track adventure by visiting the Heroes Monument. There, the participants learned the history of Surabaya City. They also watched a movie in the Diorama Electronic at Museum Sepuluh Nopember about the war in Surabaya on 10 November 1945.

t-minAfter that, they went to the House of Sampoerna to learn the way of how Sampoerna Company became one of the biggest cigarette factories in Indonesia. They also saw the production of the cigarettes with their own eyes. Next, they went to the De Javasche Bank to witness the real artifact of Nederland's bank in the 1904 Surabaya. In this place, the participants saw the changes of Indonesian money from times to times. They also learned about Nederland's security system in the past which is used to keep the money saved. They were watching the movie about Indonesian's money and then they were having lunch, thus the first half of the day is ended. 


During the second half of the day, the participants from subcourse A and some of subcourse B are visiting Tempeh Village. In the village, they learned how to make tempeh and tempeh-based product. They didn't only try to make the temple-based products, they also tasted it, such as tempeh cracker, tempeh nugget, and etc. While they went to the Tempeh Village, subcourse C and some of subcourse B go to Cake Village and were welcomed by the locals. In the village, they were shown how to make the cake traditionally and try them out. The rest of the participants went to the Embroidery Village to learn how to do the embroidery. They were very interested. They had the chance to savor some Indonesian traditional snack, such as risol, pisang rebus, pudding, etc. 


The 4th day of CommTECH Camp Insight 2018 was really educating and tasty!

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