Day 3 – CommTECH Camp Insight 2018

Sat, 27 Jan 2018
5:44 pm

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D3 Insight 2018-MB

Yesterday was the third day of a CommTECH Camp Highlight 2018. All of the participants have the first subclass lesson. Participant of Subcourse A, Sociopreneurship in Action, have the first lesson with Mr. Imam Baihaqi. M.Sc., Ph.D on Ruang Sidang Utama, Department of Business Management. The participants learned about the basic concept of social entrepreneurship and how it differs to charity or philanthropy.

D3 Indight 2018 - TI

The participant of Subcourse B, Sustainable Development in Developing Countries, have the lesson with Dr. Maria Anityasari, on TI-106 Room, Department of Industrial Engineering. The participant introduced to the critical situations behind the birth of a Sustainable Development concept.

D3 Insight 2018 - PWK

Participant of Subcourse C, Managing Sustainable Coastal Development, have the first lesson with Adjie Pamungkas, S.T., M.Dev. Plg., Ph.D. on Ruang Seminar Utama, Department of Urban and Regional Planning. Participant learned about identification and analysis of coastal ecosystems.

D3 Insight 2018 - Despro

Participant of Subcourse D, Exploring Indonesian Art & Culture, have the lesson with Raditya Eka, S.Ds., M.Ds, Rabendra Yudistira, ST., M.Ds, and Nugrahardi Ramadhani, S.Sn., M.T. on R-104, Departement of Product Design. The participants learned about video documentation.

D3 Insight 2018 - fun indo

After the participant joined the first meeting in each course, participants were asked to learn about Indonesian culture. The participant also learned some word in Bahasa Indonesia, like 'Selamat Pagi' and 'Selamat Siang'. This session was led by ITS Goes Global Participants.

D3 Insight 2018 - tradgame-min

The participant also asked to play some Indonesian Traditional Games in Dr. Angka Building, such as Moving Cartboard, Bring Tempeh on Head, Putting Nail into a Bottle, and Moving Marble. The participant divided into eight groups to play all the games. The winner of each game was given some rewards.

D3 Insight 2018 - fun-dinner

Right after the Traditional Games session, all of participant was invited to attend the Fun Dinner, which served by various popular foods and beverages in Indonesia such as bakso and martabak. Participants also present the result of exploration in Sunan Ampel Graveyard while doing the Ethnophotography session on the previous day.

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