Day 11 – CommTECH Camp Highlight 2017

Sun, 23 Jul 2017
12:44 pm

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It’ already the day 11th of CommTECH Camp Highlight 2017. 

The participants start from Surabaya at yesterday night by the bus. Because they will have a full day outdoor activities, the participants asked to rest well so they can fully-enjoy the trip. They started the trip on 11.30 p.m.and arrived on 1.30 a.m at the bus stop. Participants continued the trip with jeeps until the top of the mountain. 



The participants enjoyed the beauty of Bromo Mountain. They saw the beautiful sunrise directly from the top of the mountain.

Participants oet a chance to ride a horse to the top of the peak where the smell of the sulfur still smells really strong. After an exiciting horse-riding, they were taking breakfast in the hotel near the site.



After few hours spending time at Bromo, they continued the trip to rafting area near Malang. They need to go with pick up cars after bringing their equipment to the start place. After  that they continue with 10 minutes of  walking, they start their journey to rafting. Each boat has 1 Professional Trainer to keep the participants safe. After had a dinner, participants going back to Surabaya with the bus. This is not the end, Keep cheer up guys!

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