Day 8 – CommTECH Camp Highlight 2017

Thu, 20 Jul 2017
12:24 pm

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Today CommTECH Highlight was started with a visit of CommTECH participants to SDN Rangkah 06 to learn about traditional music and dance. This visit aimed to introduce Indonesian Culture to the participant. They learned Remo dance and karawitan, and were so enthusiastic to dance together with the elementary school students.

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Besides enjoying the thrill of studying remo and karawitan, the event at SDN Rangkah 06 was also enlivened by the welcome received by the participants. Besides being welcomed by students and teachers of SDN Rangkah 06, the participants were even greeted by the parents of the student. CommTECH participant became the center attention of many people who even asked for a photo. The hospitality of SDN Rangkah 06 was so amazing that they prepared soto to be eaten together with the CommTECH participants.

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After the visit, the participants continued to practice traditional music and dance. They were trained excitedly by the CommTECH committee for their performance on Ceremony Dinner with the major of Surabaya, Mrs. Risma Harini. This was marked as the end of participants' activities on traditional music and dance.


Furthermore, the participants had a class which the lecturer were from business outsite the ITS. So that the participants could get more knowledge and insight about each sub course from various point of view. The sustainable urban water development sub course had class  about water efficiency from customer prespective delivered by the speaker from Echoton company. While the smart city sub course got a lot of explanation about the technology for smart city delivered by the speaker from Hitachi company.


Done with it, both sub courses began to implement their respective projects. Some of them have had previous discussions, so they could directly conduct field surveys on this day as well. The surveys were diverse, some go to BLC (Broadband Learning Center), Taman Prestasi, etc. Some others still established the concept by discussing more deeply about the case study of each choice.

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