Day 7 – CommTECH Camp Highlight 2017

Tue, 18 Jul 2017
10:30 pm

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Today is already the seventh day of CommTECH Camp Highlight 2017, the participants started their day with materials for projects on each sub course. The Sustainable Urban Water Management  sub course (Sub Course A) had a first material about the introduction of  Sustainable Urban Water Management and then continued with Infrastructure Adaptation material at Urban and Regional Planning Department room PWK-205. At the same time, The Smart City sub course (Sub Course B) had Heritage Preservation as their first material and then continued with Green & Clean Kampung.



After lunch, they practiced traditional music and dance for their performances on Government Visit Agenda. Sub Course A participants practiced Saman Dance and Sub Course B participants practiced Angklung.


After practicing, Sub Course A participants continued their materials about Sanitation and Waste Water Treatment, whereas Sub Course B participants continued their materials about Smart Mobility and Smart Living.
They're not only introduced with Saman Dance and Angklung only, but they also they had Indonesian Culture Course at the end of the seventh day. They were though to make a handicraft using janur ( coconut leaves)

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