Day 5 – CommTECH Camp Highlight 2017

Sun, 16 Jul 2017
10:03 pm

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rumah seni

Today was the 5th day of CommTECH Camp Highlight 2017. The participants going to some iconic places in Surabaya. Rumah Seni was the first place destination. In Rumah Seni they were welcomed by Kuda Lumping and Reog Ponorogo Dance, Indonesian Traditional Dance, that was performed by the community. They were very excited because they could know and see this performance and know some of Indonesian culture, too.

After visited Rumah Seni, they continued to Balai Pemuda. The participants visited The Public Library. In The Public Library they got all informations about the library, such as the children corner, updated book six times in every year, and etc. Then, they continued to Tourist Information Center. There, they got information about master plan of Surabaya City. After that, they visited Rumah Bahasa and try to find out what activities are there. Some of them are teaching foreign languages voluntarily.

Then, they continue their journey to Tugu Pahlawan. In Tugu Pahlawan they visited the museum and got information about Surabaya City’s history. In there, they could see some paints and statue that describe some historical events. Tugu Pahlawan is actually a very iconic place in Surabaya, its like you have never been to Surabaya if you have not stopped by this place.


After that, they visited De Javasche Bank. De Javasche Bank building was completed in early 2012 and became one of the cultural heritage buildings owned by Bank Indonesia (BI). Currently the building De Javasche Bank serves as a museum and exhibition space.

After had a great time listening and seeing the ancient technology of Indonesian banking, they continue visiting House of Sampoerna museum. This museum belongs to the family of Indonesia's largest cigarette entrepreneur, PT. HM Sampoerna. At that time, this building was an orphanage building run by the Dutch government. In about 1932, Lim Seeng Tee bought the orphanage complex and made it the main place for Sampoerna cigarette production that we know today. And now it has been inaugurated into a museum that tells the splendor of the Sampoerna family.

To end this wonderful day with, they visited Mirota Batik. In Mirota, they could buy many souvenirs from Indonesia. The 5th day was very amazing and fun!  

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