Day 4 – CommTECH Camp Highlight 2017

Sat, 15 Jul 2017
10:07 pm

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revierside gorong gorong

The Participants visited a riverside culvert

Today is the 4th day of CommTECH Camp Highlight 2017. The participants going to several city councils in Surabaya. In the early morning they visited the Fecal Waste Processing Instalations in Keputih, they were explained about how the fecal waste being processed untill become fertillizer. The second destination, they went to DKRTH which known in english as City Council of Cleaning and Green Open Space. They learn about parks in Surabaya, pedestrian street system and also compost house. 

public work

The Participants in the Public Work Service

Then the participant from sustainable urban water management course went to Public Work Service and learned about how to transfer water from household to the sea and also ways to overcome flood. Mostly they are shown to the Surabaya eco based integrated drainage system. They were quit interested with the visitation.

diskominfo council of info

The Participants in the Information and Comunication Council

While the one from smart city course went to Transportation City Council and were explained about transportation system of Surabaya. Then they went to Information and Comunication Council to learn more about information system on surabaya, especially about BCL ( Broadband Learning Center).


The Participants were shopping in Merr SME

After all of the government visitation the participant went shopping on Merr Small and Medium Enterprises Center (Sentra UKM Merr), they were so anthusiast to shop various kind of Indonesian Souvenirs. Some of them bought handicraft made from corn leaves, some of the bought batik, and so on. The shopping was unexpectedly interesting.

To make their first saturday night on Surabaya become joyful, the participant had their free time on grand city, one of the big mall in Surabaya. But it was optional. Some of them also chose to go to Ampel Mosque which provide tourism destination for moslem and to the Kenjeran Bridge to see colourful water fountain show. 

The forth day was awesome and a lot of fun.

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