Day 3 – CommTECH Camp Highlight 2017

Sat, 15 Jul 2017
1:16 am

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CommTECH Camp Highlight Day 3,


The third day of CommTECH Camp Highlight. In the morning, the participants had their breakfast at Hotel 88, Surabaya. After that, they visited Surabaya City Development Planning Agency (Bapekko). At Bapekko, the participants were explained about Surabaya's development planning. The Director of Local Water Company (PDAM) also gave a speech about the water management in Surabaya.


After that, the participants were split into two groups depending on the sub course they have joined. Sub Course A (Sustainable Urban Water Management) visited the Local Water Company and Sub Course B (Smart City) visited Siola Building.

At Siola Building, the participants had museum and gallery tour. They took photos of and with the painting that have been made by Surabaya's local artists. Participants also had a chance to visit the Control Room on the first floor. There are a lot of screens that connected into the camera of the Surabaya's traffics. Also, they are introduced to Surabaya's Website for citizens called Surabaya Single Window.


At Local Water Company, the participants had a tour to the water management and they had a chance to see the water plant installation.



After visiting Siola Building, participants of sub course B visited Tempe Kampung and Shellfish Kampung. The members of Tempe Kampung showed the participants the process of making tempe and the participants also introduced to the unique product of tempe such as Tempe Brownies, Tempe Crackers, Tempe Katsu, and etc. Sub course A participants visited Cake Kampung and together with sub course B participants, they visited Shellfish Kampung. At Cake Kampung, they tasted some types of cakes and they tried to make the cakes. 



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