[CommTECH Flash: Insight Day 10]

Tue, 11 Jul 2017
8:39 pm

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Today, CommTECH Camp Insight 2017 finally ended with a series of last-day events.
After breakfast at the hotel, they were brought to various departments in ITS to introduce their university to ITS students in a presentation and Q&A session. It was an eye-opening experience for the students as they were exposed to different educational culture and living situation in other countries, as well as given insight to foreign universities' international activities.
The presentation session was followed by lunch, traditional music and dance practice, and a final presentation session according to their sub-course. They each presented a study case according to their experiences during class sessions and site visits, and added their personal experience and native solutions. After the presentation, they had a couple hours to prepare their traditional costume for the last activity of the day.
The last event was the closing ceremony held at Surabaya Country restaurant. It featured speeches from Dr. Maria, as the Head of ITS International Office, and Prof. Joni Hermana, as the Rector of ITS. The participants also showcased their Saman Dance and angklung performance that they have practiced the last few days in front of an audience of ITS IO volunteers, lecturer team from contributing departments, and Surabaya government staffs. After their performance, the planning committee awarded notable participants, such as the most active, the most inactive, the most hilarious, and other fun categories. The closing ceremony ended with a festive dinner.

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