Staff Exchange Mevlana Scholarship Program at Anadolu University, Turkey

Thu, 16 Feb 2017
9:33 pm

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Dear ITS staffs and lecturers, 

We are happy to announce an offer from Anadolu University, Turkey, for an academic staff exchange mobility through the Mevlana Scholarship Program

For more information on Anadolu University, visit

The exchange mobility in Anadolu University will last from 14 to 89 days. Grantees of this scholarship program will be afforded:

– Transportation Grant : 1200 TL

– Lecturers : 50 TL / day , other title 40 TL / day

For those who would like to apply, kindly prepare the following documents:

1. Academic portfolio which includes: CV, list of publications, projects that he/she joined, continuing Works, lectures, seminars, projects, plans about the intended teaching program in the host institution.


3. English Proficiency Certificate, for lecturers minimum marks for TEFL is 500.


Please submit all documents (in softcopy PDF) by email to (u.p. Wahyu) with email subject: StaffMobility_Mevlana_AnadoluUniversity. As for the deadline of application is 24 February 2017 (16.00 WIB).

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