CAU International Summer Program 2017

Fri, 10 Feb 2017
9:32 am

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Dear ITS students,

Chung Ang University (CAU) South Korea has offered an international summer program for students around the world to experience Korea and CAU. This summer program comes in two sessions: the first session lasts 4 weeks from June 25th, while the second session lasts 3 weeks from July 30th. Session 1 allows students to take elective courses with 3 credits, while session 2 offers Korean Language course. All courses in this summer program are offered in English.

<Elective Courses for Session 1>

  1.  Social Science (Korean Culture and Society + Advanced Korean): hybrid program designed to offer a variety of courses to advance your knowledge of Korean Culture and society, while offering language courses for advanced Korean learners.
  2. (Nanotechnology: Big Things from a tiny world): a general course that will help students better understand the wonders of nanotechnology, including how they work and how they work together. This course is accessible to all majors!
  1. (International Logistics : Logistics & Economic Development): course administered by Management and Economics department. Learn more about the fundamentals of logistics, with focuses on Asia and the Korean economy. This course is accessible to all majors!

      Session 1 has mandatory Korean Cultural Activities (60+ hours) and Survival Korean Class (15hours) (3 credits for Session 1)

<Elective Courses for Session 2>

 Basic / Intermediate / Advanced Korean

  • Session 2 has mandatory Korean Culture and Society (2 credits for session 2).

Program Period



Program Schedule

Session 1

2017 February 13th ~ May 21st

2017 June 25th ~ July 22nd (4 weeks)

Session 2

2017 February 13h ~ June 11th

  2017 July 30th ~ August 19th (3 weeks)

More information available at
Any inquiries can be directed to CAU Office of International Affairs at

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