[CommTECH FLASH : Insight Day 5]

Fri, 27 Jan 2017
10:52 pm

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High enthusiasm still covers up the participants as the tight schedule continues in the 5th day of CommTECH 2017. Participants from Course A went to Kampong Jambangan early in the morning today for presenting their solution based on the discussion they had about the application of social and interpreneurship in Kampong Jambangan. They were divided into 4 groups, each group takes their time to present in front of Kampong Jambangan villagers. After that, they went back to ITS to have lunch and practice Saman Dance. Thanks to Chemical engineering Saman dance team, now participants of Sub Course A are able to dance Saman more fluently than their first try. After practicing Saman Dance, they went back to the class to have more intense discussion about their case study. 


In sub-course B at the morning session, the participants were shown the demo of several products from Biomedical Engineering Department such as the robotic arm which moved depending on the subject movement and also optotrack, a helmet to detect brain activity.

day 5

While, the participants from sub-course C were having a blast trying to play Gamelan for their first time ever. After that, they had an indoor activity trying to make a virtual reality media.

In the middle of the day, a sweet harmony of "Imagine" from John Lennon and a traditional song "Suwe Ora Jamu" flowing from the 2nd floor of Electrical Engineering as the sub course B and C participants were having their angklung practice. 


In the evening, all the participants went back to their classes. Participants of sub course A discussed about some social problems and drew mindmaps on papers that have been given by Committee. Meanwhile, the participants of sub-course B were having a session in the laboratory. They learned how a cardiac stimulator works. Not only just learning, but they also trying to make such a device. While participants of sub-course C were demonstrating the motion capture system and how to apply it in an animation or a game.

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