[CommTECH FLASH : Insight Day 4]

Fri, 27 Jan 2017
5:06 pm

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CommTECH Insight 2017 participants were given the opportunity to gain a thorough understanding, evaluate, and learnt current condition based on their sub-course preference as their 4th day of CommTECH Insight 2017, January 26th. In preparation for the more advance course and site visits, Sociopreneurship in Action Material course (red: Course A) was having classroom session and some practical experiments as the beginning of the day.

day 44


In course A, discussion about value proportion of business canvas model was selected as the method to understand current condition bases on their last visit to Jambangan Kampong’s, Surabaya. Experts of business canvas models were given a chance to guide the participants to discuss and pursue innovative solutions for the development of Jambangan as their community service. In the following day, they will visit the Kampong Jambangan again to have a presentation session about what they have discused today. Hopefully, they present a solution that can be used well by the villagers to develop the village.


For Introduction to Game Programming course (red: Course C), the participants continued their discussion and topic which they had yesterday by further discussing and designing their own game storyboards. Participants also learnt how to make stories and bring out some unique ideas to improve their better game development.
day 4 c
In the middle of the day, they went to Maulidan Games as a creator of games and game engine from Surabaya. They learn about how Maulidan Games build their house production, what are they focusing on and why they choose to make engine for making game.
day 4 c jg
After visiting Maulidan Games, they move to Catfiz. Catfiz is a company that creates Catfiz messenger, a local messenger from Surabaya, to learn about marketing and selling product especially digital products.
day 4 sd

Meanwhile, Biomedical Engineering Innovation Material (red: course B) was having site visit in Yayasan Pendidikan Anak-Anak Buta (YPAB) to directly observe classroom activity of physical defect students. On the other hand, children who have limitation of sight and unpleasant experience from YPAB also have amazing potential, advantages and expectations more than those other people in general. Angklung performance was performed by YPAB children beautifully in order to welcome CommTECH participants to the site visit. Participants feel touched and motivated to do more in the society after having moments together with children from YPAB.

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