[CommTECH FLASH : Insight Day 3]

Thu, 26 Jan 2017
7:38 pm

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The third day of CommTECH Camp Insight is now over! Depending on their chosen course, participants started today's activities differently. Sub-course A participants has had their first site visit in the morning. They went to Jambangan, a green and clean kampung to observe the way the people reduce the waste they produced, from recycled handicraft products to small-scale waste water treatment.


After walking around the kampong, they had a small group discussion to find some solutions of the problems found. They will use what they had observed on the text day material in class. 


For sub-course B and C participants, the morning started with less excitement but no less interestingly. In sub-course B, more topics on facilitating the disabled were explored, such as how the Braille system works. While in sub-course C, participants have progressed to concepting a game storyline and picking up the game engine.


After lunch, all participants were gathered at Dr. Angka Hall to learn about the traditional art of angklung and saman dance. They were separated into two groups. The first group were though Saman Dance by Saman Dance team from Chemical Engineering Department students. And the second group were though Angklung by Mr Andre. It was a new experience for all of them, and they were all very enthusiast.


After practicing Indonesia Traditional Music and Dance, the participants were having fun Indonesian language course, held in Theatre A. In this session, participants were taught useful basic Indonesian phrases, such as directions, color, money, and time through presentation and games by Magang Ormawa students. Not only learning those basic Indonesian things, they also practicing by doing some games.


As the closing for the 3rd day activities, CommTECH Camp Insight 2017 participants played some traditional games such as putting nails in a bottle, transporting marbles by tablespoons and other fun games. After that, they got back to the hotel with a hapiness in mind.

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