[CommTECH FLASH : Insight Day 2]

Wed, 25 Jan 2017
12:23 am

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The Second Day of CommTECH Insight 2017 which was held in January, 24th 2017 was undoubtedly appreciated amongst the participants of CommTECH Insight 2017. Richness and diversity of culture, music and dance of Indonesia were reflected while visiting Nation Star Academy (NSA) School. Indonesian traditional music instruments such as Angklung, Kulintang, and Gamelan were performed and be taught well by NSA students to all participants. Traditional songs like “Suwe Ora Jamu” up to world well-known song, Imagine – John Lennon, had been mixed up with traditional music instruments to show the raciness of its instruments.


Although the traditional music instruments were great and fun, they were not nearly as eye-catching and graceful as the Acehnese Saman traditional dance performance by Saman Team of Chemical Engineering ITS. Not only introduced, participants were given a chance to learn and practice more about Indonesian culture.

Day 2

After having a farewell session with NSA School, CommTECH participants moved and continued their agenda at some departments class in ITS. As their first courses in class, participants who joined Biomedical Engineering sub-course were explained and discussed about the muscular and skeletal topic with Dr. Achmad Arifin. Introduction on the basis of game programming were given as their basic knowledge by Dr. Mochamad Hariadi for Game Programming sub course before they step into more advanced topic discussion. Meanwhile, Dr. Imam Baihaqi led the discussion about business and social topic for Sociopreneurship sub course.

Day 2 too

The last destination for the 2nd day of CommTECH Insight 2017 was Mirota Batik & Handicraft Surabaya, which is a souvenir and handicrafts market. Artistic expression across the Indonesian islands could be found from many carvings, paintings, crafts, and literature. The uniqueness of well-known shadow puppets which made of leather and other Indonesian handicrafts such as Batik, attract CommTECH participants to bring some souvenirs back to their own country. This 2nd day gives participants the opportunity to understanding other cultures, exchange views, and learn from each other.





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