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Nowadays, global competition is something real and close to us. 
We can't either defy or neglect it. As the most populated country in ASEAN, Indonesia should prepare itself to get the utmost benefit from this global competition, particularly AEC. AEC can be a golden opportunity or hazardous disaster depends on our readiness. What is your opinion about the current state of Indonesia? Has Indonesia equipped itself with required policies and actions to benefit from AEC?


A 5-days camp to boost nationalism towards Indonesia for global purposes. All university students in Indonesia are invited to enhance knowledge and skills in order to promote internationalization and face global challenges which will benefit an individual as well as the university and Indonesia.  

There is a highlight in this event, which is: 

3MT (Three-Minutes Thesis):

Adopted from 3MT competition in the University of Queensland, 3MT in this event is a method that a speaker must deliver ideas in three minutes. It challenges him/her to communicate and present the ideas clearly and effectively.

"Every change starts with a small step" – (Ron Stolero).

It is your turn! Join us in this intensive camp to get the required information and competence to boost your readiness in facing global competition.

When will this camp be held?

Season 1: February 13th – 17th, 2016

Season 2: August 21st – 25th, 2016 

How to regist yourself?

Download the registration form in:

Send the registration from to with subject: Camp Nasional Internasionalisasi ITS

Registration Deadlines:

Season 1 : January 13th, 2017

Season 2 ; July 21st, 2017

Registration Fee:

Non-ITS students without accommodation and breakfast : Rp. 1.650.000

Non-ITS students with accommodation and breakfast: Rp. 2.050.000

Mount Bromo trip and rafting activities + 2-days accommodation: Rp. 1.080.000

ITS Students without accommodation and breakfast: Rp. 1.000.000 waived (with selection)
Be an agent of change. Be an active part to drive this country to become the winner in this global competition.

The detail about this events can be viewed on the poster below.

For any inquiries, please contact Tri Hadiah Muliawati thorugh:

Email : ;

Telp : 031-5923411


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