[Day 5] CommTECH Camp Highlight 2016

Fri, 26 Aug 2016
9:41 pm

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[Day 5 – CommTECH Camp Highlight 2016]

Today, CommTECH Camp Highlight 2016 participants had wonderful site visit. They splitted with their sub-course group to different locations.

Sub-Course A 'Ring of Fire' first destination was the Trowulan Museum in Mojokerto. The participants learned about ancient Majapahit Kingdom culture and also saw how the volcano eruption could strike a big impact on the kingdom. After that, the participants proceed to the Lapindo Mud Volcano. There, they observed the landscapes and also found out more about the causes and  geological matters of the volcano.

Meanwhile, participants of Sub-Course B 'Strands of Sand'  took a look at facilities in PT. Teluk Lamong and Mangrove Rehabilitation Centre Wonorejo. They traveled with boat to mangrove forest and studied about mangrove preservation for mantain ecosystem balance.

Follow our next day's agenda for more exciting stories!

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