[Day 4] CommTECH Highlight 2016

Fri, 26 Aug 2016
5:35 am

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Day 4 of CommTECH Highlight 2016 started with the last classroom sub-course session. In preparation for tomorrow's site visit, both courses conducted practical experiments relating to the course materials. Participants of sub-course A were made to emulate ancient structure construction technology that is proven to be immune to earthquake shakes. The challenge is to make the structure using potato chips provided by the organizing committee. When the class was finished, there was a surprise gift for each participant from the Geophysics Engineering department. Meanwhile, participants of sub-course B discussed ideas on managing Teluk Lamong port and Wonorejo tourism area.

After lunch break, they trained playing the traditional music instrument angklung to some songs for their upcoming performance at the City Hall. Everyone was surprised that they picked up very quickly, and could play simple songs after short instructions with minimal help. It was an enjoyable session for everyone. 

The angklung session was followed by a trip to Ampel religious tourism site in the courses for ethnophotography and tourism documentary by Industrial Product Design department. The first thing that the female participants must do was put on their veil, which was a first time for most of them. This is because Ampel has strict attire rules around the mosque area where they were headed. An introductory short class on documenting was followed by photo hunting around the tourism site. They went inside the Ampel Mosque, the Sunan Ampel gravesite, and the Ampel marketplace. The rich culture around Ampel excited everyone, particularly the participants who've never seen some of businesses found in Ampel, such as hand-painting using henna. All in all, today was a blast for everyone.

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