Stamp for It! Energizing Internationalization in ITS

Thu, 25 Aug 2016
8:26 am

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“Stamp for it” program for ITS students is a program provided for giving ITS local students a reward of their enthusiasm in joining ITS International Office workshop or international event. ITS Students will need to download and print itThe link to download the card is provided bellow: 


Stamp for It – ITS Students

When a student join a workshop or international event held by ITS International Office, he/she will get one stamp for each event and he/she needs to collect stamps in a card as a prove of his/her activeness to get the reward. You will get the splendid prize when:

·       1.  You have collected 5 stamps to be exchanged with amazing prizes specialized for you only.

·       2.  You have collected another 5 stamps (10 stamps) to be exchanged with more extraordinary prizes.


There are some workshops and international events which are conducted by ITS International Office:

  1. From Students For Students (FS2), is an education fair which is conducted to facilitate ITS Students, ITS Lecturers, or Alumnae of having experiences on international exposure and from ITS International Student about their university life, chance to get international exposure on their university, and culture in their country.
  2. Student Session by foreign universities which share their university life, culture, and chance for ITS Student to get international exposure in their university.
  3. Other international events held by ITS International Office which are involved by ITS international students, such as Big Match, Internal Students in Action with ITS Family (ISA), and Festival Film Pendek International Office.


However, there are several rules that you must know:

·         Bring the “stamp for it” card to the registration spot when the event is already finished.

·         If you forget to bring the “stamp for it” card, you can come to ITS IO to collect the stamps you deserve for the event you have attended.

·         You can collect the stamp for the whole years of your studying at ITS.

·         For those of you who have collected several stamps in previous semesters, you can continue collecting until it has reached the number of stamps that can be exchanged for prizes.

·         You can exchange for the prize in ITS IO at office hours.

You can download the Stamp for it file by clicking this link: FORMAT PDF or FORMAT JPG

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