Adapting Connecting Classroom, SIBBC 2016 Successfully Conducts its Kick-off Meeting

Thu, 23 Jun 2016
7:24 am

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Swiss International Business Boot Camp (SIBBC) 2016 successfully conducted its kick-off meeting on Monday, June  20th 2016. SIBBC 2016 is a collaboration program among ITS, ITB, Atmajaya University, and Zurich School of Applied Science (ZHAW) which facilitates students to run a business consulting project for several Swiss-based companies (Amberg, Schindler, and Buhler) located in Indonesia. It offers students a unique opportunity to implement their knowledge by involving in real-business case project. In the meantime, this program also becomes a great platform for students to experience working in international-based environment. In total, there are 40 participants of SIBBC 2016 in which 8 of them are ITS students.

Kick-off meeting was conducted online through Skype. The meeting marked the opening of the first agenda of SIBBC 2016 which is preparatory week. The preparatory week will be run for 5 days, starting from June 20th until June 24th. It aims to equip the participants with the required information and knowledge before they run the actual business consulting project. The preparatory week comprises various activities which are lectures, group assignment, and presentation. Adapting the concept of connecting classroom, most of the activities during preparatory week will be run online through Skype since the participants are located in 4 different places (Bandung, Surabaya, Jakarta, and Zurich). In addition to Skype, the preparatory week also utilizes Confluence, an online-based sharing platform in order to ease the collaboration among each group member.

Despite of few technical difficulties due to the unstable connection from another party, overall meeting was running quite well. Hopefully, the good connection can be maintained until the end of the program. Thus, participants can get utmost benefit through the preparatory week.

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