CommTECH Project 2016

Fri, 10 Jun 2016
1:44 pm

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7-17 November 2016

In our mission to help solve community issues concerning economy and sustainable development with global knowledge, CommTECH Project gives the opportunity to participants consisting of students all around the globe various problem solving  and self-building activities which are presented in insightful yet enjoyable manner. By participating in this program participants will not only learn through fieldwork and problem analysis but also experience at first hand the beauty and culture of Indonesia. The goal of CommTECH Project is to implement cross cultural understanding and education to develop a mutual vision to face and overcome the challenges that AEC and WTO has to offer. Not only will the exchange of vision and ideas be done between students but also city governments and authorities to broaden the interactions and idea flow. This program is active bachelor and master students from any background.

Project-based Learning

The world we live in now is an ever-developing world where we need to struggle to keep up and compete. When it comes to this we must understand that a new more applicative learning method must be utilized for us to enhance our capabilities to tackle real life problems that basic textbook knowledge can't solve. The applicative knowledge and real-life situation based learning method that is provided is designed based on Project-based Learning (PbL). Here we encourage participants too challenge themselves by indulging themselves in projects where they can practice their critical thinking and problem solving skills.  Not only do we provide the chance to experience this learning method but we also give the chance to participants to sharpen their communication and public speaking skills which will contribute greatly in one's life not only academically but also non-academically.

CommTECH Project is a part of CommTECH Signature 2016. Download CommTECH Signature 2016 brochure here: CommTECH Signature 2016 Brochure

Program Fees

A.      Indonesian Participant

a.       From ITS                                                                                                    : IDR 3,350,000
b.       From Non-ITS (without accommodation)                                                        : IDR 3,500,000
c.       From Non-ITS (with accommodation)                                                             : IDR 4,750,000

B.      International Participant

a.       For Non-Partner Universities                                                             

  • First 8                                                                                            : USD 450
  • Next 12                                                                                          : USD 475
  • Next 16                                                                                          : USD 500
  • Regular                                                                                          : USD 525

b.       For Partner Universities*

  • Regular                                                                                          : USD 450

* Partner university must have agreements through MoU or other form of academic collaboration with ITS.

Note: You can also register for optional trip. For more information, download the optional trip brochure: Optional_Trip_Brochure

How to Join

The registration period is from 22 July 2016 to 21 October 2016.

Application form: CommTECH_Project_Application_Form
Please fill out the registration form and send it to with subject "CommTECH Project 2016 Application" along with a scanned student ID or statement letter that you are student from your university.

For further inquiries, please contact Ms. Lely at or visit our CommTECH Signature Facebook fanpage.

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