ITS Wins the Shell Eco Marathon (SEM) Six Times Successive

Tue, 15 Mar 2016
5:35 pm

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Sapu Angin team, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) Surabaya got achievement again in the Shell Eco Marathon (SEM) Asia 2016 Philippines, Sunday (6/3). The Sapu Angin team won the first prize in the Urban Concept category of vehicle diesel. Achievement for the sixth time in a row since 2010 has recorded a speed above a similar championship record in Europe.

For their achievement, team Sapu Angin for the first time will be invited to London to play against the champions of Europe and America in SEM Europe and World Class Driver Competition. Said by the Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering of ITS, Ir Bambang Pramujati MSc Eng, PhD, Monday (7/3).

"ITS team's victory this time was very dramatic, because there was an incident in the second race, at which time the ITS team reaches 301 km per liter. This achievement exceeds the similar championship record in Europe," said Bambang.

Bambang said, at the time of the game, the committee of representatives of the European states that the Sapu Angin ITS's car using illegal tires. Whereas knowledge of the team members, the only requirement for the size of the tire with a diameter of 1.6 meters.

Bambang said again, allegedly by representatives of the European team for the object record has been surpassed by Sapu Angin team ITS. Thus, they ask the tire should be replaced with regular tires and the ITS team will have to redo all of the race from the start.

"Sapu Angin team that time had dispirited and angry, because they feel bullied by committee of representatives from Europe. The team had thought to strike and leave the race and protested strongly, and even plans to invite the entire team from Indonesia to boycott," said Bambang.

Bambang added, mentally have been taught to never give up, Sapu Angin team did not tremble because European representative. Finally, the Sapu Engine team decided to keep fighting even have to start over. "Thanks God, persistence, commitment and competence of the team, still show that the cage will not change the eagle into a dove," said Bambang proud.

According to Bambang, the tire Sapu Angin ITS was designed by one of the international tire manufacturers to reduce rolling resistance.Supposedly, the design does not violate the provisions of the race because the requirements only on a decent used to driving on the road (road worthy, red).

Bambang added, if the tire of Sapu Speed was illegal, then from the beginning has failed scruitineering (static and dynamic testing, red). Meanwhile, the team has passed and is allowed to race. "Illegal statement that only comes from SEM Europe, not the committee," said Bambang.

On the commitment and competence of the team, the team's recent record Sapu Angin ITS succeed in the numbers of 250 kilometers per liter and remains the best first. Meanwhile, in the second position occupied by a team of Universitas Sebelas Maret, Surakarta (UNS) with a performance far below the 133 kilometers per liter.

Sapu Angin team ITS arrived in Surabaya on Tuesday (8/3), and before being received by the Rector of ITS, joint teams earned trophies paraded around the city of Surabaya. (Otis / van)

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