2nd session “Let’s Study Abroad” Workshop

Tue, 15 Mar 2016
4:22 pm

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On March 14 2016, the 2nd session of “Let’s Study Abroad” workshop held from 08.30-11.00 in Ruang Sidang Djelantik, Architecture Department. There were 54 ITS undergraduate students attending this workshop along with the speaker, Mr. Adhi Dharma Wibawa, a lecturer from Multimedia and Networking Department in ITS. Before, the 1st session was held on Thursday, 10 March 2016 in Ruang Sidang Depan, Rectorate Building ITS, attended by ITS master and doctoral students, staff, and lecturer.

During the workshop Mr. Adhi shared his experiences while struggling to get scholarship abroad. Furthermore, he also shared his stories during his time as a reviewer and interviewer of LPDP scholarship. The room atmosphere was colored with some humor from the speaker and thus invited laughter from all participants.

All participants were very enthusiastic with the materials brought by Mr. Adhi. He explained about not only the pleasure to go travelling while studying abroad, but also what scholarship available for those who intend to get Master Degree abroad along with the requirements. Moreover, Mr. Adhi gave tips and tricks to pass the scholarship abroad, especially for LPDP, both in administrative and interview requirements. The most important factor to get through the administrative requirement is making an appealing document (CV, motivation letter, research plan, etc.), while in the interview are high GPA, good English communication skill, high social sensitivity and empathy, and join student’s activities actively.

The workshop was ended by some questions from the participant. 

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