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In order to give a good knowledge for new international student, ITS International Office held an event called Welcome Orientation. Actually, this event held in the beginning of the semester, but for this semester little bit different. It held on February, 26th 2016 from 8 a.m. until 11.30 a.m. Why is it a little bit late? Because most of international student just arrived in the middle of February. For this semester, 13 students were joined Welcome Orientation. To be specific, 9 students are coming from Timor Leste, 1 student is coming from Japan, 1 student is coming from South Korea, 1 student is coming from Germany and 1 staff is coming from Belgia.

This event was opened by Mr. Prof. Dr. Ketut Buda Artana , ST, MSc as a Vice Rector of Research, Innovation and Partnership. Ms. Maria Anityasari, ST, ME, Ph.D. delivered the speech as a Head of International Office ITS afterwards. The next agenda is a presentation about academic regulation in ITS and it was delivered by Ms. Maria as well. Second agenda was presentation about Activity Overview delivered by Irsan Agustian as one of the volunteer from Hospitality Division. Activity overview is an information about any kind of activities either ITS held it or from another organization that International student can involve with. Third agenda is presentation about culture shock. This material delivered by volunteers of ITS IO collaborate with IISA (ITS International Student Association). And the next presentation is about Immigration stuff delivered also by volunteer of ITS IO. Last but not least is presentation about health matters delivered by volunteer of ITS IO. 

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