CommTECH Camp Insight 2016

Mon, 15 Feb 2016
11:51 pm

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Community and Technologial (CommTECH) Camp Insight 2016

25th January – 3rd February 2015


This time, with different concepts. 37 participants. 18 different countries. Coming to ITS, Surabaya. Becoming new family from once completely strangers, through 10-day experience of CommTECH Camp Insight 2016. Stories and memories were made and would last for a long time, as a part of each mind.


Day 1

In front of ITS Rectorate Building, they were welcomed by a traditional dance performed by ITS Student Club of Tari and Karawitan (UKTK ITS). Afterwards, in a series of Open Ceremony, the Rector of ITS, Prof. Ir. Joni Hermana, M.Sc.ES. Ph.D delivered his speech to open the camp officially. Then they began the activity by having a City Tour around Surabaya and visited some landmarks. In the night, they were having fun in Welcoming Dinner. They were listening to musical performance by the committees and dancing.


Day 2

The participants started their second day by learning how to play traditional music such as Angklung, Gamelan; and also how to practice Saman, one of Indonesian traditional dance. Coached by students and teachers from Nation Star Academi (NSA) YPPI Surabaya, the participants were exited and took active participation. They also having time on making batik in Rumah Batik Jawa Timur in Margorejo. There, they learned how to draw their creative pattern and use “canting” in order to make Batik.

Day 3

The day began with separated courses according to the participants’ choice. There are 3 courses provided: Community Based Sanitation in Urban and Rural Areas by Ir. Eddy S. Soedjono, Dipl.SE, M.Sc, Ph.D and Alia Damayanti, S.T., M.T, Ph.D (lecturers from Environmental Engineering) ; Sustainable Development in Developing Countries by Maria Anityasari, Ph.D (lecture from Industrial Engineering); and Emerging IT in Society by Dr. Eng. Nanik Suciati, S.Kom, M.Kom, Ridho Rahman Hariadi, S.Kom, M.Sc, Dr. H. Agus Zainal Arifin, S.Kom, M.Kom, Waskitho Wibisino, S.Kom, M.Eng, Ph.D, Dr. R.V Hari Ginardi, Dr. Radityo Anggoro S.Kom, M.Sc (lecturers from Faculty of Informatics). After that, they had a tour around Campus ITS and visited some labs in Physics Engineering and Electrical Engineering. In the end of the day, after Campus Tour, they had fun playing traditional games such as Balap Karung, Bakiak, Poco-Poco Dance and many more. They seemed to have much fun playing the games instead of the rain!

Day 4

The participants had morning class according to their choice. After that, the participants were divided into five groups to visit Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) around Surabaya: Kampung Kerupuk (Crackers Village), Kampung Tempe (Tempe Village), Kampung Kerang (Seashell Village), and Kampung Kue (Cake Village).

On every place, the participant were explained about the products, the production process, the product detail, marketing, and other information about the SME product. One group had chance to visit three places and every participant were given a voucher Rp75.000,00 to shop at each place.

Day 5

After morning classes, the participants did a little rehearsal of traditional music and dance to perform in the night. In the night, the participants wore their traditional clothes, depends on the country they come from, to have a Gala Dinner with Surabaya City Mayor. They were enjoying their time there and also performed their Angklung and Saman dance in front of all Gala Dinner participants, which included ITS Rector, in the Mayor’s House.

Day 6 until Day 7

These 2 days were the best. Together with some committees, the participants went on trip outside of Surabaya.

The participants of Course Sanitation and Course Sustainability visited Herbal Village in Genteng and Sanitation in Jambangan. Participants of Course IT visited 3 places. First, they visited City State Department of City Planning (BAPPEKO) Surabaya and witnessed E-Government. The Course IT participants also visited City Hall and finally to Department of Transportation Surabaya and experienced Broadband Learning Center.

Right after that, they finally checked in a hostel name Sawiran. At the night, the participants and committees were gathering around camp fire and having a great time. The participants played a game, and did activities in free time. In the day after, the participants were ready to start their trip in the very early morning to Bukit Cinta (Love Hill) and Penanjakan in Bromo Mountain Site. Although it was fog everywhere that nothing could not be seen, the participants still had a great time together and took many photographs.

They ended the day by doing rafting in Songa Rafting Site. Some of the participants were afraid at first. But after dare themselves to try, the even asked the committee to do it once again. Doing rafting in a hard stream river was a very great experience, some of the participants said. They even bought photos from the site to keep the experience in memory and show it to their friends and family back in their country.

Day 8

The participants started their 8th day by Learning Indonesian Language in our Language and Culture Center (UPT Bahasa). After some short lecturers, they did practicing in communicating in Indonesian Language. But not only that, they also played a short game and learned to cook Rujak, one of Indonesian local cuisine! In the afternoon they did some shopping in Small and Medium Enterprises Center in Merr.

Day 9

It is getting closer to the end of the camp. On the 9th day, the participants were divided into pairs and presented each of their universities to ITS Students and Staff. They were carefully divided to present in departments which had correlation with their academic background. The students or staff were also welcomed to ask questions to the participants. This is the time when CommTECH participants engaged with internal of ITS directly. In the night, they were having free time and also preparing for the last day, that was Amazing Race Surabaya!

Day 10

The Closing Day. The last day. They raced to beat time in limited expenses, around places in Surabaya. In each places they raced into, they needed to complete certain mission like taking selfies with heroic theme, solving riddles, kick-the-can, and many more! The participants raced to be the best in managing expenses for the group for the race, and also managing time to be the first group to finish. From early morning to late afternoon, the participants had fun covered in sweat, and went to the last place where the camp would be officially closed! In the closing ceremony, the participants watched videos about the 10-day experience together, and engaging closer to each other for the last time before they went back to their own country. Prof. Dr. Ketut Buda Artana as the Vice Rector for Research, Innovation, and Partnership, also joined this closing party.

This camp initially established to introduce ITS to the world. But as the time passed by, it also becomes one of times the world could gather around, meet as strangers, make new friends, and do something new. The 10 days may be short, but what have been done should last in a long time.


CommTECH Insight 2016 Committee

ITS International Office

Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember


Reported by : Media and Information Division of ITS International Office


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