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Fun Sport

ITS International Office re-organize an event for BIS Assistanship. This is the third BIS Assistanship for KNB and Darmasiswa Student. The concept of this event is Fun Sport. International student not only play in some games and sport, but they also practice BahasaIndonesia during the games. They are dividing into two groupsduring the games. There are 3 games post that they have to pass, there are “Catch Ball”, “Eat Bulaga” and “Skipping” games. Not just play the games, but also they must answer severalquestions in Bahasa and should collect points as much as they can from each post for use in the last game.

There are 11 students came to this event on Thursday, 10 December 2015 at Volley ball yard of ITS Students Dormitory. The games start at 04.00 PM until 05.45 PM. The final game is Volleyball. This is very special because they can use SUPERPOWER to help them win the game. There are 5 SUPERPOWER which is must be exchanged with a certain point that they already collect in 3 postsbefore. They are very enjoying the games, sport and one of important thing that they practice Bahasa during the games and got more vocabulary. Not just International Students who play the volley ball, but several ITS IO volunteers also join and have fun together. The volunteer is mostly used Bahasa during the games and International student do so.

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