[CALL FOR PAPER] 2016 Summer University at Agen & Toulouse

Mon, 14 Dec 2015
6:46 pm

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2016 Summer University at Agen & Toulouse 
August 22 -27, 2016

It is a general phenomenon today: the memory of a colonial past which, at best, has been the object of botched up transactions between former colonizing powers and former colonized countries and people which have become sovereign awakes and becomes more and more sensitive, often circulating in the present like a poison: this phenomenon can take the form of open conflicts over the past between regional powers, like in Eastern Asia, or, as well and more globally of alleged “civilization conflicts”. More than ever, in this context, the post-colonial dispute (différend) thrives thanks to the oblivion or the denial of the contamination of the present by the colonial past. Presently, the colonial unconscious exerts tangible effects in the domain of relations between nation-States as well as in the realm of relations between social groups within the former colonial and imperial powers (“communitarism”) or, the same way, new forms of extreme violence (terrorism and counter-terrorism) and asymmetrical conflicts which, as they rely on present conditions, still bear the mark of the “absent cause” – colonization and colonialism as shadows from the past cast en on the present.


If we think of as various events or phenomena like 9/11, the recent attacks in Paris (January 2015, November 2015) or, as well, the promotion of historical revisionism about WWII by the ruling elites in Japan, we have to note that all these “scenes” are narrowly related to colonial genealogies and are, as such, the object of  public debates. The analysis and the discussion of these genealogies is, of course, our concern as we are teaching and researching in the field of philosophy, historical, political and social sciences sciences, literature, law, etc. This is the reason why we have placed this Summer University under the sign of this title: “The Colonial Unconscious”. On this occasion, we hope to put together scholars, advanced students and professors coming from regions and countries whose experience of colonialism, colonization and coloniality is very different – from Taiwan to France, Colombia to Senegal, Portugal to Algeria… It will be a unique occasion for all of them to share their experience and discuss freely on this issue, for a week, in a vacation station close to the city of Agen, then at the University of Toulouse – Le Mirail, in the Southwestern part of France. 

Call for Papers

Theme : The Colonial Unconscious and De-colonizing Philosophy

Application Deadline January 15, 2016

Program Periode :  

Agen, August 22-23, 2016, Theme:  The Colonial Unconscious

Toulouse, August 24-27, 2016, Theme: De-colonizing Philosophy

Application :

Abstract (title included) of 100-150 words, together with the applicant’s name and affiliation

Application is to be sent to (Dr. Ya-Feng Mon)

Submission of Finalized Abstract :

Successful applicants must submit a finalized abstract of 300 words by February 28, 2016.

*Submission of the full paper is required prior to the event, submission deadline to be confirmed.

Cost :

Complimentary accommodation will be offered to successful applicants. But all attendees are responsible for their travel to and from the event.


For general enquiries about the summer university (application excluded), please email directly to

For more information about the program please visit :

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