[Announcement] Participant of National Chiao Tung University (NCTU) Student Session

Thu, 26 Nov 2015
7:20 am

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Congratulations ! For those who have been accepted for this workshop. This workshop would be held on:


Day / Date: Thursday / November 26th, 2015

Time         : 13.00 – 15.00 a.m

Venue       : Ruang Sidang Depan Rektorat

For those who attend the Interview session, make sure to prepare all of the documents (academic transcript, certificates, TOEFL, and CV)

Please be punctual! We're still opening for on the spot participants. So, please do not hesitate to come!


Full Name Student ID Department Which session you want to attend?
Afina Lina Nurlaili 5112100171 Informatics Both
Agung Bagus Pambudi 1414100067 Chemistry Information Session
Aliffia Permata Sakarosa 1311100026 Statistics Both
Amalia Ma'Rifatul Maghfiroh 1111100024 Physics Both
Andika C Prima 2213100118 Electrical Engineering Student Interview
Andreas Haga Sebayang 2512100140 Industrial Engineering Both
Andri Kurniawan Sutanto 1411100029 Chemistry Both
Andromeda Dwi Laksono 2710100020 Material and Metallurgical Engineering Both
Annisa Nurul Aini 1114100094 Physics Information Session
Anton Kristanto 5112100078 Informatics Both
Aprill Yozha 5212100144 Information System Both
Arida Wahyu Barselia 1512100047 Biology Both
Ariobimo Rajio 2314100073 Chemical Engineering Both
Arynta Dharmayanti 1411100065 Chemistry Both
Asadian Puja Enggita 1411100015 Chemistry Student Interview
Astried Nadia Mayasari 5212100073 Information System Both
Aulia Fajrin 2711100035 Material and Metallurgical Engineering Both
Bella Apriliani Amanda 3312100087 Enviromental Engineering Both
Binti Mualifatul Rosydah 198307192008122003 Mathematics Both
Brilian Tafjira Nugraha 5112100172 Informatics Both
Brilliantika Fusi Nur Rahmasari 3112100076 Civil Engineering Information Session
Briyan Fadi Nugraha 1214100034 Mathematics Information Session
Carolina 2312100144 Chemical Engineering Both
Dewi Kartika Prasetyawati 5113100008 Informatics Information Session
Diana Kamaliyah Ichsan 2712100038 Material and Metallurgical Engineering Both
Diani Ainun Nisa 1112100106 Physics Both
Dina San Aprisca Tarigan 4314100086 Ocean Engineering Information Session
Djuned Fernando Djusdek 5112100071 Informatics Information Session
Doni Rubiagatra 1211100087 Mathematics Both
Donny Prasetyo Santoso 7311040003 Electrical Engineering Both
Dwityo Naufal Imanullah 2413100094 Engineering Physics Information Session
Elvi Armadani 3175105103940001 Industrial Engineering Student Interview
Faiz Riskullah 2313030027 Chemical Engineering Information Session
Faizal Shah Alam 3312100021 Enviromental Engineering Both
Fajar Rio Kusviansyah 1313100135 Statistics Information Session
Farid Choirul Akbar 2212100008 Electrical Engineering Both
Felix Hartantio 5112100131 Informatics Both
Fithrotu Khoirina 5212100701 Information System Both
Gandes Goldestan 1214100100 Mathematics Information Session
Garnish Septiani Fidarliyan 1513100076 Biology Information Session
Hamdi Ahmadi Muzakkiy 5112100091 Informatics Student Interview
Hana Budi Setyowati 2511100120 Industrial Engineering Both
Heri Santoso 3210131023 Energy Generating Systems Information Session
Herleeyandi Markoni 5111100056 Informatics Both
Hilman Adzim Ekram 1512100074 Biology Both
I Gede Arya Putra Perdana 5112100151 Informatics Both
Ika Puspita Sari 1512100048 Biology Both
Jauhar Fatawi 5212100155 Information System Both
Khara Karisia Dimpudus 2512100071 Industrial Engineering Both
Khoiril Metrima Firmansyah 2711100004 Material and Metallurgical Engineering Both
Khusna Indria Rukmana 1112100085 Physics Information Session
Lina Purnawati 1112100041 Physics Information Session
Lionie 3312100104 Enviromental Engineering Both
Lourentia Candle 1411100011 Chemistry Both
Maria Ulfa Damayanti 2112100017 Mechanical Engineering Both
Masitha Rahmawati 5212100029 Business Management Both
Michael Andrian 21410118 Civil Engineering Both
Miftakhur Rohmah 2711100061 Material and Metallurgical Engineering Both
Misbahul Munir 1512100703 Biology Information Session
Moh Mualliful Ilmi 1414100059 Chemistry Information Session
Muhammad Emir Hanif Rasyadi  2413100123 Engineering Physics Information Session
Muhammad Nadzeri Munawar 5112100136 Informatics Both
Nabella Nurul Aini 2712100016 Material and Metallurgical Engineering Information Session
Nabila Ardhana Iswari Azisputri 2212100096 Electrical Engineering Both
Narendra Gharini Puteri 1112100007 Physics Both
Nastiti Sri Fatmawati 3312100110 Enviromental Engineering Both
Nia Paramitha  1414100096 Chemistry Both
Niki Yuliansari 1512100005 Biology Both
Novarian Budisetyowati 2312100003 Chemical Engineering Both
Nurul Yanti Cahaya 1114100057 Physics Information Session
Onang Surya Nugroho 2212100009 Electrical Engineering Both
Putri Juanita Wahab 1312100022 Statistics Information Session
Rachmani Amalia 2313030041 Chemical Engineering Information Session
Rafika Nurmasari 5212100018 Information System Both
Rahman Faiz Suwandana 2711100028 Material and Metallurgical Engineering Both
Richard 5112100148 Informatics Both
Rizki Fadhil Syahrial 5212100034 Information System Both
Rizki Hildalia Putri 1311100019 Statistics Both
Rizky Amalia Cahya E. 5212100143 Information System Both
Rizky Praditya 5212100012 Information System Both
Rommel T 2713100017 Material and Metallurgical Engineering Both
Rose Malina Annuur 1411100068 Chemistry Both
Rostarina Anggraini 2712100017 Material and Metallurgical Engineering Both
Ruth Yuliana Palupi 2712100002 Material and Metallurgical Engineering Both
Sandhi Ading Wasana 5111100083 Informatics Information Session
Sarah Nurainina 1512100017 Biology Information Session
Satria Oktaufanus Sarwoko 2511100076 Industrial Engineering Both
Setiawan Abdillah  1111100007 Physics Both
Sherly Octavia Saraswati 2112100084 Mechanical Engineering Both
Susmita Rachmawati 1112100016 Physics Information Session
Titi Rindi Antika 1512100059 Biology Both
Tricahyo Agung Budi Harjo 3713100018 Geophysical Engineering Information Session
Ulvi Rahma Isnaini 5212100017 Information System Both
Viona Claresta 2512100105 Industrial Engineering Both
Wahyu Setyo Nugroho 2512100001 Industrial Engineering Both
William Yaputra Budiman 5112100054 Informatics Both
Yutika Amelia Effendi 5112100176 Informatics Both
Zahratu Jahidah Perada Doni 1411100101 Chemistry Both
Zarrina Muhibah 5212100702 Information System Both

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