[ANNOUNCEMENT] Participant of ASEA-UNINET and IMPAKT Scholarship Program Socialization

Wed, 11 Nov 2015
5:23 pm

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Congratulations ! For those who have been accepted for this workshop. This workshop would be held on :


Day / Date : Thursday / November 12th, 2015

Time         : 10.00 – 12.00 a.m

Venue       : SCC Building, 3rd Floor


Please be punctual ! We're still opening for on the spot participants. So, please do not hesitate to come !


Here are the list of participants of ASEA-UNINET and IMPAKT Scholarship Program Socialization :

No Name Occupation Department
1 Achmad Zulfikar Fawzi Student Chemical Engineering
2 Addinul Hakim Student Physics Engineering
3 Aliya Fathma Najihati Student Informatics
4 Aliya Rahma Najihati Student Informatics Department
5 Almira Mahsa Student Geophysical Engineering
6 Aloysius Prayoga Sidauruk Student Marine Engineering
7 Amelia Margaretha Student Mathematics 
8 Amelia Puspasari Student Electrical Engineering
9 Amilatul Husna Alumni Electrical Engineering
10 Andi Nina Asriana Student Chemistry
11 Andri Kurniawan Sutanto Fresh Graduate Chemistry
12 Anggrita Yusanti Student Interior Design
13 Aprilya Hartinah Wardani Student Physics
14 Aulia Ulfi Student Chemistry
15 Azizha Zeinita Student Informatics
16 Azka Farisa A Student Informatics
17 Azmi Wicaksono Student Electrical Engineering
18 Boby Alexander Student Material and Metalurgical Engineering
19 Brilian Tafjira Nugrha Student Computer Science
20 Christine Dyta Alumni Chemistry
21 Citra Nurfadilah Student Interior Design
22 Daniswari Pudyarstiani Student Information System
23 Deninta Nur Iwana Student Chemical Engineering
24 Destaliyanti K Student Statiatistics
25 Dewi Kusumaning Ayu Student Chemistry
26 Dhea Farekha Habieb Student Biology
27 Diptya Mas N Student Geophysic
28 Dwi Nurhidayati Student Chemical Engineering
29 Eldo Fikri Alvin Student Environmental Engineering
30 Erna Erviana Student Chemistry
31 Eva Musdalifah Student Statistics
32 Fajriah Student Chemistry
33 Fauzanullah Rafif Irsyad Student Ocean Engineering
34 Faza Fikriansyah Rahman Student Electrical Engineering
35 Febtian Yusvika Wahyu Student Civil Engineering
36 Fernanda Arianto Student Industrial Product Design
37 Gladis Aros Safitri Student Chemistry
38 Grace Pala Rifirta Sumule Alumni Electrical Engineering
39 Habibie Student Construction Management Postgraduate
40 Hani Ramadhan Student Informatics Engineering
41 Hendra Rismana Student Information Systems
42 Hendy Dwi Harfianto Student Computer Engineering
43 Indah Triyani Student Chemical Engineering
44 Intan Widya K Fresh Graduate Chemistry
45 Jamhari Hidayat Bin M Student Ocean Engineering 
46 Jeff L Gaol Student Electrical Engineering
47 Jodie Steven Student Materials and Metallurgical Engineering
48 Junior Wijaya Student Information Systems
49 Kanya Catya Student Interior Design
50 Laras Aristiani Student Information Systems
51 Liadira Kusuma Widya Student Geomatics Engineering
52 Lina Qonitah Student Interior Design
53 Lintang Anisah Putri Student Geomatics Engineering
54 Lydia Angela Gonodiharjo Student Architecture
55 M. Shahib Al Bari Student Civil Engineering
56 Maria Juliana Gultom Student Geophysical Engineering
57 Maria Ulfa Damayanti Student Mechanical Engineering
58 Marinda Listya Febrj Student Diploma 3 Electrical Engineering
59 Marta Sabila Rakhima Student Statistics
60 Moch Hafizh Ramadhan Student Teknik Fisika
61 Muhamad Gifari Rusdi Student Naval Architecture and Ship Building Eng
62 Muhammad Fakhrur Rozi Student Mathematics
63 Muhammad Farhan Student Marine Engineering
64 Muhammad Nadzeri M Student Informatics
65 Muhammad Rosihan Faris Student Chemical Engineering
66 Muhammad Zulfikar Fauzi Student Civil Engineering
67 Mutiara Ferawati M Student Geomatics Engineering
68 Narendra Gharini Puteri Student Physics
69 Natasha Bunga Pertiwi Student Computer Engineering
70 Natassa Adi Putri Student Geophysical Engineering
71 Novem Ardan Rohmadin Alumni Electrical Engineering
72 Putridiah Lupitasari Student FMIPA
73 Rafli Alfazer Student Naval Architecture
74 Ramadhan Tirta Saputra Student Urban and Regional Planning
75 Ranindya Prameswari Student Teknik Industri
76 Risanti Delphia Student Chemical Engineering
77 Rizki Kurnia Mahardika Student Chemical Engineering
78 Rizqi Ardhiarini Student Biology
79 Rizqi Okta Ekoputris Student Informatics 
80 Samsul Latif Student Naval Architecture and Shipbuilding Eng
81 Satria Wira Buana Student Industrial Engineering
82 Satria Wira Pratama Student Chemical Engineering
83 Siti Damaianti Student Geophysical Engineering
84 Taufani Kurniawan Student Electrical Engineering
85 Taufiqotul Masrukha Student Statistics
86 Tesalonika Putri Student Statistics
87 Thalita Meidina Student Biology
88 Wahyu Hidayat Student Material and Metallurigicall Engineering
89 Yudha Adi Pratama Student Marine Engineering
90 Yurike Dwi Yuniar Student Biology
91 Yvana Sal Sabila Student Industrial Engineering

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