Assistanship BIS

Fri, 06 Nov 2015
5:31 am

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Reportase Assitanship BIS

Bahasa Indonesia for Survival or BIS is one of the class available for International Student in ITS cumpolsory for those who get KNB (Kemitraan Negara Berkembang) and Darmasiswa scholarship. This class running from Monday to Thursday, 9 AM to 12 PM. The teaching material for this class is the basic lesson of Bahasa Indonesia. In this semester there are 12 students of KNB and Darmasiswa that take this class. They learn basic of Bahasa Indonesia such as introducing themself, numbers, colours, shopping, verb and many other basic material. Outside the class ITS International Office provide them with a simple activity called Assitanship BIS. It is an activity created to train the Bahasa Indonesia skill from all of the BIS class partisipants. The activity can be in any form as long as the engagement of the participants and the usage of Bahasa Indonesia can be maximize so that the participants can practice their Bahasa. This activities will be held several times during this semester. The first Assistanship was held on October 22nd 2015 but Tthe briefing for the activity held on Wednesday, 21 October 2015 right after the Bahasa Indonesia Class. The activity done for the first assistanship was making rujak buah.

The assistanship started at 3.30 PM in front of the rectorate building. Among 12 participants only 9 person that available for this assitanship which was divided into three groups. They were gathered in fornt of the rectorate building for money and assignment sheet distribution. Then they went to the traditional market to buy all of the ingredients for rujak buah that already explain during the briefing. There were one volunteers in each group that assigned to guide them to the market, but the ingredients and the transaction was done by the participants. All of the participants arrived in the market at 4.15 PM and they start to look for the ingredients such as fruits, cucumber, tamarind, salt, roasted peanut, terasi and chili. Despite their capability in speaking Bahasa the participants was very eager on bargaining the price of every ingredients. They were trying to get the lowest price even there was no competition among them. At 4.45 PM they finished with their ingredient and moved to ITS Dormitory to made the rujak buah. In this part of the activity there was a competition between each group. They need to made a rujak buah and offer them to the students that studied in the hall. They need more or less 30 minutes to finished the rujak making process. At 5.15 PM Each group offered and promoted their rujak to the students. In the end of the activity the volunteers collected the every vote from the dormitory students regarding the winner for best rujak buah. Along with the best rujak buah, there were the best presentation and the best group (solid). 

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