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Tue, 03 Nov 2015
6:04 pm

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Monday (Nov 3rd, 2015) at Ruang Sidang Utama was held ASEAN European Academic University Network (ASEA-UNINET). On the occasion of Australian National Day (October 26th) some delegations of Austrian professors visited some member universities of ASEA-UNINET in Indonesia to share their experience from activities and scientific cooperation projects between Austrian and Indonesian universities. On of those universities is ITS.

This event was attended by Prof. Joni Hermana, vice rectors, and delegations from all departments from ITS side. There are also Ambassador of Austria, Dr. Andreas Karbaczek, ASEA-UNINET Austria Coordinator, Prof. A Min Tjoa, and delegations from Vienna University of Technology, University of Vienna, and University of Innsbruck from Austria side. There is also a guest from Airlangga University, Prof. Maria Inge Lusida who presented her research on Tropical Diseases.

A sequence of presentation programs was commenced. One the most interesting topic for future research collaboration was Surabaya towards a Smart City which was presented by Prof. Johan Silas. To be a smart city Surabaya emphasizes the people, the smart people and the prerequisite is to have a healthy economic growth at all level, to include those living in the villages. The concepts to be a smart city were smart government, smart people, smart living, smart mobility, smart environment, and smart economy.

The forum was continued by small group discussion on research cooperation (research meeting) in some specific fields, such as Chemistry, Architecture and Urban Planning, Biomedical Engineering, and Open Data, Smart City, and Joint Lab Initiatives. Hopefully in the future ITS would be more active in some research cooperation/projects in ASEA-UNINET.

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