ITS Solar Car Finished in the Seventh Place in the World

Mon, 02 Nov 2015
12:37 am

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Widya Wahana V

Cars named Widya Wahana V made by the team from Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) successfully completed the annual solar-powered car race World Solar Challenge (WSC) in 2015 in Australia, Saturday (24/10). The car managed to finish the race as far as 3,000 kilometers from Darwin to Adelaide. This is the second time the ITS to represent Indonesia in the prestigious competition.

Widya Wahana V is participating in the race cruiser category and ranked seventh out of a total of 12 participants. Mr. Aufar Nugraha, the team manager said the first car managed to enter the finish is Nuna 8 of the Netherlands. The car stopped in Victoria Square, Adelaide city center on Thursday (22/10). "We join cruiser category, the car can be boarded by two to four people," he explained.

According Mr. Aufar, the ITS team had attended a similar contest in 2013. But then, the car Widya Wahana IV has not managed to finish the race until the end of the race. "Our achievement this year is better than ever before. We were able to finish the race despite having transported the trailer twice." Aufar recalls.

Regarding the mechanism, the race is divided into stages, each stage has a certain time limit. Therefore, when a car does not reach the specified time limit, the car is transported by trailer to the early start the next stage. "Overall, the car Widya V spacecraft successfully completed throughout 1638 of the 3000 kilometer targeted." he said.

Aufar said from this race ITS team can take a lot of lessons. This is because while in Indonesia, the team did not have adequate opportunity to test the vehicle. "In Indonesia, we had trouble finding a road as long as this (3000 kilometers). So when in Australia we are still groping characteristics of the car, eventually only half way," he regrets.

Meanwhile, judging from the technology, he said he did not feel lower than any other team cars. Because Widya Wahana V it has a value greater efficiency, which weighs only 280 kilograms. While other cars can reach 300 kilograms. Great attention of ITS making Mr. Aufar and the team is optimistic to be able to participate again in the coming year.

In line with Mr. Aufar, Dr. M Nur Yuniarto, supervisor Cars Widya Wahana V added to the level of South-East Asia, Widya Wahana V at first position beating Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand in the whole class. In fact, according to the story, the car from Malaysia has burned because it’s had a problem with battery

Widya Wahana V advantages in light weight too, said Nur, attracted the attention of other participants. Participants of Massasuchets Institute of Technology (MIT) and the University of Cambridge, for example, they praised  the car worked with ITS team, because becomes the lightest vehicle in the cruiser class.

Not only that, Widya Wahana V was also becoming the center of attention at the Adelaide. The shape is similar to one of the cars in the animated film was attention, especially for small children. Said Mr.Nur, children who watch always shout when Widya Wahana V drove. "Go go go go … lightning …," he mimicked. (van / mis)


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