Graduate Development Program Enrollment

Sun, 11 Oct 2015
7:30 am
Exchange for ITS Students
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Dear all ITS Students, especially for those who are in 7th semester of undergraduate program. Enrollment for Graduate Development Program in Singapore are open! please directly visit these links below:

  • Operations Management Graduate Development Programme – Singapore :
  • Customer Management & Services Graduate Development Programme – Singapore :
  • Supply Chain Graduate Development Programme – Singapore :
  • Manfacturing Engineeirng Graduate Development Programme – Singapore :
  • Purchasing Graduate Development Programme – Singapore :

Those positions don't require Singapore citizenship. so, you can also apply. for students who still in progress to finish their study can also apply before graduating. (minimum already finished the 6th semester). Registration closed on October 18th 2015.

For those who accepted will get job offer in December 2015 / January 2016 to start working at Rolls-Royce in June/July 2016.

Beside of the positions above, there are also vacancies for similar positions in China and in other countriesPlease visit this link for more information:

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